Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #51

Dear Family,

well from Dad´s letter it sounds like everyone is still alive which is always great to hear. 
I think I forgot to say that I cut my hair off a few week ago. but I don´t have any recent pictures to send because we forgot to bring the connector thing. so I´m sending some old ones. One at Bishops house and the other on p-day.
this last Friday the office elders called me to let me know that my new cell phone was in the office. In december all the zone leaders got new ones but I some how got forgotten. We went the office to pick it up. When I opened the box it was a touch screen blackberry. I was so surprised and made a pretty big emotional scene about it. Then an elder brought in a smaller box and said ´just kiding this is your phone´. no touch phone. They got me pretty good. At first I was pretty set on getting my revenge, but not being much of the vengeful type I got tired of planning it and left it to my comp, who is pretty set on getting them back.
Saturday we had a lesson with a sister named Lucila. She hadn´t read the pamphlet and I´ll admit I didn´t think the lesson would go every far. But when we were ready to leave she asked us to stay and teach a little more. as we talked about Joesph she smiled and laughed a little bit. we asked her why and she told us that she was at the point of giving up on God and religion but during this lesson she felt she had finally found the truth. she told us ¨sisters, I want to be part of this church but I don´t like wearing skirts!¨ the only problem is that she and her husband aren´t married.
Sunday stake confrence was broadcasted from salt lake to all of Peru . Elder Bednar (who spoke on repentance) and Elder Scott (sho spoke on the divinity of womenhood) presided. We didn´t get to hear all of Elder Scott´s talk because we got called out to help a sister who´s special need´s daughter stabbed her in the arm with a pencil during conference. This sister was just run down and feeling like she didn´t have any support from her husband and that her load (carrying for a special needs child and her other childern, and working full time) was just too big. Our bishop´s wife came in and shared some personal trials that we never knew she went through. 
you just never know what someone is going through by just looking at them.
today we´re going to make pizza as a zone. 
oh, and Tuesday I gave a health presentation to the new missionaries. I hope it went ok. I got to eat Pizza hut!
And an elder who pulled a tendon in his ankle was going through alot of pain these past 2 days. the pain pills weren´t helping. I didn´t know of any stronger pills so I told him to get a blessing. he sent me a message this morning that said that after the blessing he felt like a new person. The preistood works, go figure!
love ya´ll
Hermana Pug

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