Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #37

Dear Family,
This is such an important week. Happy Birthday to Evelynne and happy wedding day to Mariana and Ricky. I hope Mariana gets over being sick in time for the big day. 
This last week was really great. Saturday we went with our investigar Romeo to a baptism. Afterwards he told ¨hermanas during the baptism I couldn´t move my feet, I felt like I was stuck to my chair and I felt cold (because the room really was cold) but inside I felt so warm. What does this mean?¨ We explained that he was feeling the Holy Ghost. Yesterday night we had a lesson with him and his whole family. He during the lesson he explained to his parents that after the baptism he prayed to know if he should be baptized. He felt good and went to bed. Then he woke up in the middle of the night with a ¨thirst of the Word¨ so read the Book of Mormon. His dayd said they were happy he was trying to follow Christ and that he had his parents support. His parents are really great too and I feel like down the road they´ll get baptized. 
Romeo has a smoking problem but he wants to quit and is very willing to do everything to get over it. 
He didn´t come to church yesterday because his brother had a school problem that they went to. But he will next week. and he wants to come to choir practice this week.
Yesterday Hermana Quintina and her grandaughter Flor, and so did Johnathan again and so did Cesar and Jesica.
Earlier in the week we had a lesson with them and a couple of members. That night they said they wouldn´t be able to come to church. The next day we went over to invite them to an activity. They weren´t able to come but they told us that they had decided to come to church. We asked them why they changed their mind. Cesar said that after we left the night before they just had a feeling that they needed to come to church. And they did!
It was a really great sacrament meeting.
Our pincinsta´s gran daughter tells me every time that we sit down to eat that I´m gettting fat and that they´re fatting me up to through me in the oven for Christmas dinner (an idea she got from my companion). Hopefully I get transferred before Christmas. 
This was a really great week and I know that this next one will be to. I´ll be very much thinking about the family this Friday. My prayers are always with you. 
Hermana Pugmire
Ps Thanks for the news letter Grandma Lorriane. Congratulations to all the Wells family for these great changes that are taking place.

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