Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #33

Good Morning Family!

what an exciting week this is going to be! Aunt Marcee is getting married and Mary is due!  Please don´t forget your kin in Arequipa and send me some pictures of these events. 
and its mothers days. I just found out that we do get premission to skype. we have a member who said i could use their skpye, is it alright if I plan on calling about 4 o clock my time? we get 40 minutes this time. Whoot whoot!! I´ll see if I can borrow someone´s account. 
and we had cambios yesterday. I´m a mother!!! my new companion is Hermana Rivas from Lima. I´ve thought I would get asked to train for about 2 weeks and I´ve known that I would for a week. Hermana Torreavla and I have been in tears all week. We´ve been together for 6 1/2 months! niether one of us felt ready to part and niether one of us feel ready for our new responsibilites. 
At the training meeting yesterday I meet 4 new sisters from the states. One of them looked super familiar. Sister ¿Kahle? had early morning seminary with Mariana. How crazy is that. I got to talk to Sister Robinson as well. She´s from the colonies in Mexico and knows Ashley Lindbloms husband Dallin Brown. Its a really small world for us mormons.
We have a great investigator named Tintina. She´s a sweet older women named Tintina. She´s come to church the past two weeks and went to a baptism last saturday. The problem is she doesn´t want to talk to us missionaries because she´s afraid that we only want to talk about baptism. We´re trying to be more careful with her. 
She´s a little harder to teach because she can´t read and she thinks she needs to be be baptized. She takes care of her 2 grandchildren and doesn´t work. she goes out to beg for food every day. The ward has been helping them and really taking them in. 
We might have a little problem with our pincionista. My new companion doesn´t eat a whole lot. Before Hermana Torrealva would eat the food I didn´t want but we can´t do that any more. I hope Hermana Julia doesn´t get too offended. But I´ve really tried to warn her.
I love you all and pray for you. Its crazy that I´m so far  but I love you more then I ever did before.
con amor, 
Hermana Pugmire

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