Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #43

Good Morning Dear Family!
 This week Deysi and her niece Dayana got baptized! It was a really wonderful service. The ward very supportive. But the water was cold, when desyi got baptized EVERYONE could hear her squeal. It was a little funny. 
After they were confirmed Sunday Deysi was teary eyed and had the face of someone who was a little astonished. She said that during her blessing she felt heat enter into her body. She said it felt so good. We explained that the Holy Ghost had entered in and that she would now always have this spirit with her to guide her. It was really special. 
I feel like I haven´t been in my area all week! Sister Zobrist wants me to do alot more work as the mission nurse. This week we had a couple meeting and she had me go to the hospital a coulpe a couple times to help a sister who has had a bad infection and is actually going home this week, probably today. 
She only has about 2 weeks left of the mission but we feel its better she goes home now. I´m a little sad to see her go. She´s been pretty sick her whole mission. So we´ve gotten to know eachother pretty well and I´m going to miss her.
Hermana Zobrist wants me to start using the computer alot more. Before if I wanted to get online I had to call and get permission. But now I can get on whenever I want. They also want to make arrangements for me to go to the mission office to get online there. But that really isn´t necessary. She wants me to write all the notes I have on the missionaries in the computer. Before I only put in major cases. This basically means that I have about 8 months of back logging to do. 
My plate is alot fuller but much more interesting and I love all that I´m learning. President and Hermana Zobrist are great leaders and they have all my respect and love. 
I love you all so much and pray for you. 
Hermana Pugmire
PS I got Grandma and Grandpa Pug´s letter today, thanks!

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