Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #50

Dear Family,

This week Patty ALMOST got baptized. At the missionary noght we had she told us that she would start saving up her money to pay for her baptism. We told her it didn´t cost anything and invited her to be baptized saturday She accepted but saturday morning told us she wanted to wait for the next week because her mom would be back from vacations by then. Sunday we went to visit and her sisters were in town. They go to a christian church and pray like crazy people. They told us they didn´t understand why their sister would leave the church, blah, blah, blah. We left and said a pray. Then they asked if they could say a pray for us. They both spoke/ chanted at the same time and asked God to help us and they´re sister get on the right path. 
Afterwards Patty told us she felt paz when we prayed and like they were calling for the devil when her sister´s prayed. 
But she still likes going to the christian church more because she likes the way the pastor teaches. She has a testimony of the Book of Mormom, Jose Smith and the churhc but she doesn´t want to leave her traditions behind. 
We have her programmed to be baptized this week.
Congratulations to Roman and your lincense!! and happy birthday to Brent Thomas. I ´ll be thinking about you!!
And Isaac got his mission call to the same mission as my companion, hna Vargas, she ´s waiting for her visa for mexico. What´s Isaac´s last name?
Our mission night went really well, we got about 8 references out of it. 
I have more to say but no time to write. I´m sending pictures of us with Patty and bishops wife, Daniela. And of a stake activity we had in August, This is us helping with clean- up/ playing with the equipment
love ya´ll a ton
Hermana Pug

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