Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #46

Dear Family,

happy birthdays to Sam TODAY, and later on to Lily, Abney, and kaligh. what a big birhtday week. 
This last Monday I  gave my haelth presentation to the zone leaders. I don´t think I messed up too bad. We got to eat hamburgers with barbeque sauce. I actually perfer ketchup and mustard, but how often do you get to eat barbeque sauce? The most memorable part happened as we were leaving. We had said our good byes and were walking away when I realized I had left my camera above the kitchen sink. I ran back and ran into the glass door. It was just so darn clean. And everyone was right by the door. Its a miracle I didn´t fall into anyone. 
We had divisions this week with our sister leaders. I got to go back to Paucarpata and spend time with my cousin (in the missionary family). She also finished training my daughter after I had to leave to train Hna Vargas. Actually they never finished training. Before training was over Hna Cangalaya (my cousin) got called to be a leader Hna Rivas got called to train a gringa.. before she finished training!! Its cause I know how to raise them. or because they just come really prepared. I preferred the first thought
This last sunday we had a less active member come to church. he is one of the most interesting looking characters I have seem in Peru. I first noticed that he keeps his himno tucked into the front of the pants. then as I was sitting by him in the new miembros clase I realized he was wearing a choker, green eye shadow and black eye liner. it was fun to get to know him, and he siad he´s going to bring his GIRLfriend the next sunday. I´m excited to meet her. 
We had a big stake relief society activity Saturday of comidas tipicas de Arequipa. They asked the missionaries to come because lots of nonmemebrs attend. I finally got to try Rocoto Relleno. It was really yummy. afterwards my companion and I had fun cleaning up. I dont remember what its called, that thing you use to put lots of chairs on to 
anyways we worked but we also had fun taking turning taking rides, until the Zone leaders took it away and started playing with it. 
my week has been great, Hope the next one is good for ya´ll. 
Hermana Pugmire
ps don´t forget Arequipa day the 15th

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