Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #35

Wow how exciting for the Lee family!!! thanks for the pictures of Rex , I love showing them off to the other missioneries here.
and Happy Birthday to Dave and Kamea. You´re in my thought and the family is in my prayers.
This last week have been so busy. I feel like I haven´t had time to do anything. We get home plan and bearly have time to get to bed at 10:30. It feels really good to be really busy. 
This week we talked to Maria and Daunar, we asked Maria if she knew the Book of Mormom was true yet and she told us she got her testimony too. Duaran told us that he knows the church is true too. We asked them what they they needed to do next and they said get married so they could get baptized. It was a really great lesson.
But they didn´t come to church yesterday. Its so hard to love these people and have them know its all true but choose not to progress. 
Wednesday our zone leader came to talk to Tintina. I feel like she is his investigar and not ours. She agreed to be baptized this week. I was pretty shocked. When its just my companion and I we can´t get in the door. but with him or our pincionista she´s all love and smiles. She didn´t come to church yesterday so we stopped by her house to see how she´s doing. She wasn´t in the house when we knocked she was coming home. She yelled at us pretty good in the street and told us to stop pressuring her and molesting her. Honest we couldn´t be more loving. 
this morning she came to see our pincionesta and apololiged (more or less) to us. She´s a very odd person, and it makes her endearing. and we have to laugh about our encounters with her.
Yesterday Bishop pulled me out of Relief Society to help a sister who was trying to get a hold of family living in the states. She hadn´t talked to them in 10 years and when she called the number they gave her a women answers in english. they asked me to talk to the women, all I can see is its a good thing they don´t understand english. This women had a get off my back atitiude. 
This sister is very stressed and I told her I would give the information about her family to my family to see if they could find a number: the names she gave me are Lidia Biuda de Torres and Walberto Torres Duezada. They live in Miami. She´s going through some really hard times, but the ward is helping her so I´m not too worried if we can´t get the info. 
Oh, and I went to the Zoo last week!  I wish I could show you photos but I don´t have anything to connect my memory card to the computer. Its tiny and I can put my hand in the lion cage, but it was a lot of fun. 
I love you and prary for you!

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