Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #44

Dear Familia, 
 How is everyone? congratulations to Target!! they are getting a great employer by hiring Vasa. 
and Happy Anniversary to Cheryl and Dave! Your marriage has been  a blessing to our whole family. 
And Happy Independence day to Peru!
This weekend Yhumi was baptized and confirmed. Friday night we went over to make sure she was prepared to be baptized Saturday and while we were talking at the door her dad showed up. he hadn´t been heard from since Sunday. He had the nerve to say he would have to talk to the mom before authorizing the baptism. Who does he think he is to abandon his family all week and then have a say in what does on? So I read D and C 68 and told him if Yhimu wasn´t baptized it would be his sin to carry to judgement day and God would judge with justice. Then I gave him a good firm hand shake. Sometimes I like being a foot taller then everyone around me. 
Saturday night when Yhumi didn´t show up when went to the house and got her. The bishop was supposed to baptize her but he didn´t show up either. (he had a pretty tough week and a family emergency came up). The Young men and women were having a party at the church so we grabbed on of the priests and had him do the ordination. And in the end she was baptized and confirmed. She came out of the water crying because hno. Alan dunked her too low and she hit her head on the floor. But atleast she´ll never forget her baptism!
 The bishop got robbed this last week. and we passed by his house while it was happening! People were coming in and out with things. I suggested we go talk to the bishop because we had some stuff to communicate. But my companion said: no look at how busy they are right now. 
So we didn´t go. Maybe its for the best.
As far as nursing goes, its about the same. I´m in the computer a lot more. I actually have a meeting with Hna. Zobrist at 1 today. She called this morning and asked if it was ok to if she took time out of my p day. I said yes, no problem but my heart pretty well broke.
Oh well, thats life. 
Sunday a women who was playing with her son in the park across from the church decided to come in. When asked her why and she said ¨I don´t know, I just felt like I needed to come in¨. we´re pretty excited to teach her this Tuesday. 
All in all, we´re staying busy. I miss ya´ll, love ya´ll, and pray for ya´ll. 
Love , 
Hermana Pug

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