Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #40

Dear Family, 
How is everyone? Wasn´t the training meeting last night so great? It helped to me. This was the first world wide leadershiping meeting that I got to be part of? Is it always this focused on missionary work? 
Our area is really great, but we spend alot of time feeling lost. Sometimes we wonder if we´re in our area or someone elses
My new companion is hermana Vargas. She is very positive , happy and ready to laugh. At first she would we talk very slowly with me and ask if I understood words like cocinar, hablar, etc and used alot of hand signals, but she getting better about just talking. 
We have a great investigator named Nimia who´s been coming to church this past month is ready to be baptized but needs another interview with president Fernandez or one of his consolers. 
This is the last week with President Fernandez! Friday was my last meeting with hermana Fernandez. She gave me a bunch of papers to go over with Hermana Zobrist. It was pretty sad for me to have to say good bye. 
I was thinking about what Elder Wadell (member of the presidency of our  area) said about President Fernandez, thanks to him one of the worst missions in the church has because a ´celestial mission´. I agree and am so grateful to have served under his direction. I´ve learned so much. 
Our pinpcionista is one of the most wonderful women in the world. she´s a new convert and very faithful. she´s always extremely funny. She likes to say ¨soy sincera...¨ then say exactly what she thinks wether you like it or not. and she cooks really well,. and she doesn´t make eat until we explode. This picture is of my companion and I with Hna Maria (our pincionista) at breakfast this morning. 
Oh, and Hna. Maria sends all of you her greetings.
I hope you all have a great week in Montana at the reunion. Tell the family I love them a bunch and keep them in my prayers. 
Hermana Pugmire

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