Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #47

dear family, 

how is every one? I bet Sam´s baptism was wonderful, I got my invitation Thrusday, sorry I couldn´t come. I hope ya´ll are saving your pictures and family videos for me to relive these moments. 
I´m in the computer early because my companion and i got nomianated to buy the stuff to make completos for our zone activity today. That episode of kids history about the completos makes so much more since now. 
Yesterday there was a juge crowd at the stadium just outside our area. When we asked about it we found out it was for a bull fight. But my companion and I didn´t see anything. The most interesting thing we saw was a dead stiff cat just outside the stadium. My companion has a phobia of cats so it was pretty distressing for her. And hearing her scream is always pretty distressing for me. 
This week I can´t remember anything to interesting happening. Our pincionista, Maria, is moving so we´ve had to look for a new pincion. The mother of one of our old investiagtors offered to do it so we´re at peace there. And she lives closer to us. 
We´ve been teaching a girl named Patty (and her siblings Helmer and Guadalupe) who is really interested. Its been a blast to teach her. She´s making real progress. 
I´m sorry this is such a short letter, I just can´t remember what happened this week. Everybody got sick, we taught great people, OH!- and hna Juana (a less active member) went to Lima and brought us back turron. I am so excited for October because that´s turron season. 
love you all so much, 
these are pictures of me with hna. Celestina, she a very faithful special needs sister in our ward who is committed to converting her family, 
Hermana Pugmire

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