Friday, November 2, 2012

Sister Pugmire #7

this is my last week in the MTC!!!!!! I fly out Monday afternoon for Arequipa. It´s crazy to think I´ll be in my mission soon. Some one told me that the last week of your time in the MTC reflects your last few months of the mission so I want to spend my week working hard.
I hope every one is well, especially with the flight problmes. How´s Grandma Lorriane doing? YOu are all in my prayers and I think about you often. But I try to keep thoughts of home to a minimum because I need to focus on the work.
Today was the best P day ever. My companion and I had a goal of handing out a pamphlet. We have this goal every p day but we never do it. We sat down in a coffee shop in the grocery store and talked to a college student named Grabriela. We taught her the 1st and 2nd lesson, gave her our phamlets and got her contact info, it was our first real contact on our onw!!! when we go out prosyleting on saturdays we make contacts but we always have a latin companion so we don´t do a whole lot of talking. This was different
Speaking of saturdays, this saturday in campoy was great. we went into a few houses and taught some lessons. I didn´t say very much because I was pretty well lost during most of the lessons. One door we knocked on the man just let us in without us saying a word or even getting a chance to. When we got in he told us he had been taught by missionaries before, liked their message and wanted to hear more. he was´t intersted in joining becuase he´s catholic. That´s what everyone says and everyone is catholic. he talked to me the whole time even though I was the only one who couldn´t understand. he said that I reminded him of the missionaires who taught him before because I´m white. We also tracted into a lot of inactive members.
every night Hermana Santa Cruz tells us a story before we go to bed. it´s pretty fun. She makes us actors in her stories and gives us lines to repeat and little actions to perfoms. and we always sing a song that one of the elders translated to spanish called ├┐ou can dance if you want to¨. Its very silly and very fun.
every day my companion and I have a goal of getting a reference, which of course is always fact (except for today). one day on of your teachers gave us a contact of one of the adminstraters and said that if we went to his office he would act like an investagator and let us teach him. So we did, but he wasn´t home. Instead President Cardon (president of the MTC) came up to us and we taught him! we plan on having the 2nd lesson soon.
So the new white hermanas seem very nice but we don´t talk to them very much cause we don´t see them a whole lot. They´re not in our district. I´m happy to report they are not taller than me. I am still the tallest female in these parts.
I don´t know if I´ve mentioned it before but Granadias are the best fruit ever. I love them and I hope there is somewhere in the US where you can buy them and enjoy this beautiful part of Peru.
I love everyone so much. And I really miss you but don´t want to see any of you we for a while.
con amor,
Hermana Pugmire
ps happy dia de brujas!!!!

Sister Pugmire #6

dear family,
in the last letter from Mom and email from dad they asked if I was getting any of their emails and letters. I found this very puzzling because I thought that I had been thanking everyone for all this in my emails. I´m starting to think that you don´t get my emails! i hope you do because this half hour of writng to you and reading emails is very stressful for me and i would hate to think that my high blood pressure is all for naught.
speaking of which grandma Lorriane is in my prayers. I hope you recover completely quickly.
Congratulations againg to grandpa Pug and Martha. Its crazy to think that there is so much going on at home.
Once again- Mom I get all your letters and I am so grateful for them. I got the birthday card you sent. I also got the letter from Annie with all the pictures of the kids. I love getting pictures, especially of my nephews and neices.
So think week we got a new group of Latinos. This is the group that i´ll be leaving the ccm (mtc) with! entonces, I´ll be leaving the ccm in about 2 weeks!! and I still don´t know spanish. but thats fine
the weekend of general confrenece we had the AMA come and give us medical advice, after the meeting i told him that I´m soppused to be the nurse for my mission. he told me a little about what I´ll be doing and said that I´ll pretty much be the doctor for my area. he said he wishes every mission had a nurse so it sounds like I´ll be able to help a little in mission by using my nursing degree.
My companion started a new game here, that doesn´t have a name. her old district used to play it. here´s how it works:
if you make eye contact with some one you try to be the first person to get your hand to your mouth and make a swooshing noise like you´re shooting a dart. if you get the other person first they have to freeze until someone says ´¨antidote¨¨. its very popular here and kinda frightening because you don´t know who´s playing so your afraid to make eye contact with anyone. I like it
we´re supposed to get 2 new northamerican hermanas tomorrow. I´m kinda bumped to not be one of the only 2 northamerican hermanas, but excited to have them come too. I hope none of them are taller then me because right now I´m the tallest female here. I haven´t seen any females in peru that are taller then me.
Our instructors here are so amazing and so patient with us. did I mention that we are now in the ´´advanced´´ class? yea, that´s crazy because I still feel like I don´t know anything, and am losing knowldge that I thought I had by the minute.
Today I found peanut butter in the store. It was pretty exciting but I didn´t buy any because we´re not supposed to bring food back to the ccm. everyone does anyways but its a rule and I need those blesing. its just good to know in the future I can buy peanut butter.
one Sunday we watched a talk by elder Hollland. It was so great!! I wish you could find it on the church website. it was about how if you come home and go bakc to the person you were before the mission you wasted 2 years. it was so great and I definetly don´t want to come home not changed for the better.
this week we´re going prosylting in Campoy. Our teacher served his mission there and told us some pretty crazy good stories so I´m exctied.
I love you all and miss you very much. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR LETTERS AND PRAYERS!!! I didn´t realize until now how wonderful they are.
Hermana Pugmire