Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #36

dear family, 
happy memorial day! It´s so fun to have traditions and know what will be going on at home today. 
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡And a really big congratualtions to Mariana and Ricky!!!!!! You have been in my thought and prayers so much and I am very happy to hear about you tying the knot. its amazing to me how much the family is growing during my mission and in such a positive way. We´re so lucky to have Ricky in the family. Thanks Mariana!! and Ricky you´re pretty darn lucky to be with Mariana.
this last Sunday was really wonderful for us. We had 4 of our investigators con to church. Jenifer (part member family) came and was a different person. normally she runs around the church causing havoac but this time this time she was one of the best kids in her class. 
Johnathan and his sister Laura came. We found them this week while looking for their brother Pedro who came to church for about a month about a year ago. The ward was really good about befriending Johnathan. On thing I´ve noticed is that here the priestood understands a lot better how to help the missionary work (except when it comes to Julia our pincionista, she´s the maximo). 
After church bishop asked us to come to choir priactice (ward confrence is next week). I told him I didn´t think we were allowed to unless we got a reference while there, or there was an investigator present. Bishp told us if we wanted the ward to help us we had to help them. So we went to choir practice and I ended up with a solo to boot. 
after that we had to hurry back home. Our mission had a goal of contacting 100 per week (it was a 150 but pres wants us to have better contacts). we were short about 15 people so we talked to everyone we came across. One person was Romeo. Romeo told us that we had contacted him earlier that week and that he gone to church that day. We hadn´t seen him because he left right after sacrement. I now have a testimony of why Predicad Mi Evangelio dice que tenemos a contactor todos!!! we would never have found him if you hadn´t been talking to everyone. 
I don´t know if you remember me saying that the family we live with thought thier grandpa died 5 years ago only to find him livinng and well. yesterday he came to visit the family, and I can confirm that he is indeed alive. 
I think I forgot to say that last sunday for family dinner we ate the family goat. He was more of a pet (especially por Soledad who left for the mission tuesday. Hermana Julia - her mom- was pretty teary that day and I´m still afraid to say Soledad´s name). But Gego (the goat) fell off the roof and died. so we ate him. rest in peace Gego.
Hermana Pugmire

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