Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eat my Sterile Dust NCLEX

Really big news. I passed my NCLEX exam. Some reading this blog may say to themselves- I knew you would. May I remind you: you had no idea!
I suppose we all have gone through stressful events where we wondered whether we would make it through and our kind friends confidently assured us of their faith in our capacity. We are always so grateful for their positive vibes but I would submit that we are also feeling the pressure to succeed build with each well meant reassurance that we would.
Each time someone said: "I know you'll succeed, you always do" or " everyone passes", "it's so easy", and so forth you quietly imagined the shame you would feel if you didn't succeed. Does anyone else feel this way?
Never mind that, I did pass- and I know why. Divine intervention, I am very grateful for my Heavenly Father's help. I know I would have never have made it through school at all without His help. It was so hard for me, and I know I needed heavenly help which I was graciously given.
So you may be wondering, what's next Novice? Well I'll tell you-
As of late I've been working on my mission papers. It's very exciting. Of course I'm feeling some wonderful emotions on the subjects, but I have no intention on going into detail on the subject on a webpage. I'll let you know when I get my call. 
So on to other news. There is one event that has had a big impact my life, though I am loath to share it. Nevertheless, I know that my readers are dear friends- loyal comrades- who deserve know what's occurring in my timeline. After all, if your going to take the time to read I might as well give you something to scan.
My tale begins simply enough- I went to hike Prealta Trails with my Young Single Adults ward. It is important to note that although I had no desire to drive, there was little choice in the matter as I was charged with bringing the snacks. I loaded Skippy with snacks and YSA's, and headed out. The hike was pleasant enough. The day was beautiful, the desert gorgeous, the YSA (bless their hearts) friendly and genuine. Personally I think everything went off rather nicely. Look at me standing on this rock, don't I look happy?

Well I was happy. When the hike was over we loaded ourselves back into Skippy ready to head back home and share our little adventures with friends and family. Oh, it might have been such a nice day. Poor Skippy.
As I was driving down a dirt road I went too fast round a turn, hit my brakes, lost control of the car, over corrected, hit the side of the bank, over correct again, hit the other side of the bank, then stopped. No one was hurt- thankfully- except pobre Skippy and my inner vessel. I was, and am, mortified by what I had done, how I put the lives of others in danger through my carelessness. How could I be so stupid?!?!
Everyone was very kind and helpful. I would like to publicly thank Seth, Fezzik, Steven, Jeremy, and Brian for fixing my tire, driving my car to the main road and  giving me advise. Greatly appreciated.
After they got me to an elementary school parking lot a tow truck picked me up. The driver was a really nice guy and we had a pretty deep conversation about death. If I hadn't been so rattled up by my own close encounter with death I might have been better apt have the discourse, but I think we got on well despite it.
That's that. Other things have been happening around me but I haven't the heart to write about them. Relating the woeful account of my car accident has taken all the spunk out of me. I've got no heart to spring anything else on you. Hopefully next time my adventures will only be mildly embarrassing.