Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #32

Dear Family,
How is everyone? I´m writing a day late because we had a sister missionary confrence yesterday at the mission home with all the sisters in the mission. For those who have had multiple companions it was a really sweet reunion. And it was fun for me to make friends and just be with all those wonderfull sisters.
President Fernandez told us yesterday that beinging now all missions will have sisters to be liders over the other sister misionarys so that we can have division and such. My companion was called to be one of the first so she´s in trainging today and I am working with Hermana Duarte.
PS happy birthday to David! know that I´ll be thinking of you on your big day.
Last we knocked on a door and the women that answered was pretty tough on us at first. Then she opened up and confided in us that her 33 year old son had died. She wasn´t sure if she would be able to see him again in the way she did during this life. We were able to open up to her the blessings of the ressurrection and the plan of salvation. It was very sweet.
We had a couple investigators come to church too. Tintina and her granddaughter Flor. They´re very wonderful people and enjoyed being in church. They´ve had lots of trials but want to follow Christ.
We didn´t get to have our confrence with Elder Bednar, for some reason he wasn´t able to make it but Elder Christensen still came and it was a great confrence. The choir sounded like it needed help but everyone said it was beautiful and the Holy Ghost WAS present and that´s what matters.
We have lots of great investigators. they´re not all progressing as quickly as we would like but they are moving along.
I love you all very much and pray for you. I am very blessed to have a wonderful, wonderful family who is living the gospel of Christ.
Hermana Pugmire

Sister Pugmire #31

Dear Family,
Happy birthday Roman and Kalias! and Happy birthdays to Ava, Anela, Julia, and Scott. This is a pretty celebretery week.
And I found out from Mom´s letter that Aunt Marcee is getting married!!!!!!! congratulations that is really exciting
Saturday we had a really special experience with an investigator we found last saturday. Hna. Natala has been searching for the Church of God for a long time. We talked about the Book of Mormon then watched the First Vision movie with her: I felt the spirit so strongly and when I looked at her I knew that she was feeling the spirit as well. after the lesson she told us that heart felt like it would pound out of her chest and that she a felt this once before in a church been never as strongly as that night with us. When she said the closing pray all she could ask was that her whole family could join and after that she just kept saying thank you. It was a really wonderful experince. She came to church yesterday too but was disappointed because she didn´t have the same heart punding experience. It was a little sad to her say that but we still feel that she´ll still be able to progress.
We found out this morning at choir practice that it´s Elder Bednar who´s coming with Elder Christenson from the 70. While they´re here they´re going to pick a spot for the Temple. It´s pretty exciting for all of us.
The choir sounds... not like MoTab. We altos are doing pretty bad. Bless their hearts. But I think the spirit will be there anyways. During practice President told us he set up an appointment with one of our investigators for this week and told him to get ready to be baptized. President says someone is going to be baptized they get baptized so we think we have a baptism to plan for this week.
And more things happened this week that I can´t remember. OH! We felt another earthquake. My companion hates them but I´ve never felt one before coming to Peru so it´s pretty exciting for me.
And all is well here in Peru. It gets cold a night but its perfect during the day. TThings were pretty green for a couple weeks buts its back to its usual brown.
Love you all and miss you
Hermana Pugmire
ps I think the pictures are of me with other hermanas playing soccor last p day and the other is the pday before that when we all met eachother at the hospital

Sister Pugmire #30

Dear Family,
Happy Birthday to Kaileigha and Mariana. Eat extra cake for me please!!
This week I´m writing later then usual because we had choir practice this morning. Next Thursday one of the general authorities and a member of the 70 are coming down to visit us. All of the mission will come together for the conference. It´s pretty exciting. Practice didn´t sound to bad but its a good thing the song of the righteous is a prayer unto God and not a song of the excellent singers.
This last week we got to have President Fernandez work with some of our investigators. I really have a lot of respect for our president. It will be tough to see him go. Our first appointment wasn´t home. so pres. had his daughter give him the number and called him to tell him to be home monday night for a meeting with him and to have his baptismal clothes ready.
Then we went to Kathy´s house (our convert). We talked to Duarar' (her cousin who is investigating with his wife Maria) and Shirley (her mom). We´ve been trying to get Duarar to read the Book of Mormom and he always says he will be never does. When Pres told him to read he did! we said good bye to pres and return to the house to find Duarar with the BOM and his reading glasses on. Pres also found Shirley´s doubt for us. She hardly said two words together when Pres told her ¨you´re afraid to leave your catholic tradicions, but don´t be. God wants you in His kingdom. He needs your help in His Reign.¨ she got alittle teary eyed and so did I. Pres invited them to stake confrence and said he wanted to direct his talk to them.
But they didn´t come!! we even called Maria and Duarar at 5:30 AM (at their request) so they could return from Duarar´s parents house in time. They daughter got sick and they had to take her to the post. Shirly´s boy Johnathan was also sick. It was REALLY disapointing. we were so sure they would come.
We also were able to tract into a coulpe of atheists this weeks. Both of whom are very nice people but say they face their problems without God and don´t need Him. They have no idea that God is granting them their daily breath! John told us it´s very pretty this hope we have for the next life but he just wants to be happy in this life. We tried to explain that this hope and living the gospel is what brings us happiness now. buts its hard to describe such grand joy to someone that doesn´t have the desire to believe and thinks they are happy enough as is.
I think lesson 3 in PME is my favorite. we all need this lesson and we all need to continually strive to live it. This is how we find happiness and this is how we come to know Christ. I´m so grateful for the gospel!
and I love you all very much have a great week, you´re in my prayers but my thoughts are in the work, or atleast that´s where I´m trying to put them.
Hermana Pugmire.

Sister Pugmire #29

Wasn´t confernce amazing? and our investigators came!! not to every session but atleast they came. Shirley came and so did her niece Maria, who -with her husband- is another one of our investigators. They came to the sunday morning session which was great because they talked a lot abour the importance of marriage and neither one of them are married. NO ONE is married. we find lots of people who are interested but aren´t married and are living with thier significant other. Vasila (a another investigator) also came to that session and snored through a good part of it but she did pay attention when the prophet spoke. Saturday Heydi came and said she felt the spirit. We´ve been talking to her a lot about Alma 32 so we joked a bit that her tree is growing.
Friday night we went to invite Bertha to confernce and our favorite drunk showed up. He bought us all drinks (of water). He asked me how old I was and I said 68. Then he said ¨I was thinking about marrying you but your too old for me¨ That was kind of funny.
Last Monday we got permission to leave our area to look for wool stockings. And we got to go to McDonaalds! I love that place in a way that before the mission I just couldn´t muster. McFlurries are heaven sent. It´s really tought to get permission to leave the area for anything so Monday was like a day in a dream.
Mom, you gotta stop sending me stuff. Everyone wants my stuff. Bertha wants my coat, Kathy, Diana, and Maria want my watch, and Roxane (who does our laundry) wants me socks. And the bishop wants more chocolate.
For some reason I don´t have a lot to say this week. Glad to know everyone is well at home. I love you all very much and you are in my prayers.
The I live this picture because everyone is smiling but me cause I´m telling them to look at my camera. The other is in the tienda of Hermana Bertha with her daughters.
Love sooooo much
Hermana Pugmire

Sister Pugmire #28

Dear Family,
The biggest news for this week is that Kathy got baptized and confirmed! It was a really special service. Her parents and grandparents came and so did lots of ward members. They were all very supportive and Kathy really felt the spirit. She told us she felt different, elevated. Her grandparents really felt the spirit too. They´re going to be great references for the missionaries in La Joya. When we took the picture with the Lima temple her dad asked about it and was very interested in enternal families. We´re excited to continue working with them.
The pictures are from Hermana´s Torrealva´s camera because I for got mine. I´ll send some next week.
Happy Birthday to Cheryl and Tyton. I hope everyone makes an April fools joke on Cheryl and President Monson wishes Tyton a happy birthday in confrence.
Next week I need to send a picture of Liz. She´s a new convert who is waiting for her mission call. She´s the elders pincionista, conselor in the primary, ward missionary, sub teacher in Relief Society, teachs early morning seminary, and she still finds time to go to our lessons with us. She´s my hero. When she was baptized her dad said he would kick her out of the house, now her whole family are members.
And thanks for the package Mom. I love everything. I´m even wearing my new skirt right now. By the way, Maria (the investigator who´s picture I shared last week who owns the bread shop) would like 2 watches like the one you sent me, pink and orange. She´s willing to pay. She even gave me a bag of my favorite rolls (caramanducas) to help me remember to tell you. It would really help me out if you could say they´re seasonal or something.
I don´t have more to say but I love you and pray for each of you.
Love, Hermana Pugmire

Sister Pugmire #27

Dear family,
Happy anniversary Grandma and Granpa Wells!! what a big deal. I know that´s I´m so grateful for your family marriage and the blessings it brings me.
And Happy Birthday Dee, hope you eat lots of cake, no protein shakes and don´t work out
And happy Easter to everyone. I´m learning more and more that Christ really is central to everything. and if He isn´t then we need to make changes so that He is.
Hermano Pedro (who has the worm infection) had an operation last week for the infection but he still has his foot. I noticed this week that he only has two toes and part of another one. Sorry, I don´t think I´ll be able to get a picture. We´re not teaching him any more. He isn´t really interested in learning the gospel.
We had transfer yesterday but Hermana Torrealva and I are still together. at the end of this transfer we´ll have 6 monthes together, wow! neither one of us wanted to leave our area so we´re both pretty happy. Hermana Vidal got her companion last night so she went back to her area. we´re happy that she can get back to work but sad she won´t be working with us any more. She´s a really great missionary with a sunny attitude.
Friday we knocked on a door and a women named Maria answered. She asked us why bad things happen to good people. We read 2 nephi 2 with her and she began to cry. 12 years ago her 13 year daughter committed suicide after seeing her father do some pretty nasty things. We were able to share what we know about God´s plan for us. It was a really spiritual experience. We felt grateufl that the spirit guided us to her.
Yesterday Hermana Shirley came to church with her daughters Kathy and Diana. They stayed all three hours and loved it. We felt so blessed. During Sacrement I thought about how Heavenly Father loves to bless us. Pres tells us we can´t recieve blessings when we sin. But thanks to the Atonement we can repent and be clean to recieve them.
To answer Anna´s question, its getting colder here. The rain stopped and things look greener. But the nights are cold. I need to start wearing my wool stockings.
Love you all so much and remember that you are in my prayers.
Hermana Pugmire
ps I think the photos are me with our Pincionesta and her grandson, and with Maria who owns the pastery shop we love... and is kinda an investigator.

Sister Pugmire #26

Dear Family,
How is everyone? Happy Birthday to Owen and happy anniverary to Erik and Shalae. I love thinking about you guys on your special days and thinking about what great blessing you are to me.
I have a story that is fairly short but that I am very excited to share. Friday we went to visit Pedro, a contact from last week. Pedro is in a wheel chair and only has one leg, he lost the other to diabetes. We watch Only a Stonecutter with him and the story of John Tanner. He was very impressed with the movies and told us he wanted a blessing and a miracle. he then took off the sock of the only foot he had to show us a very very distorted foot. the heel had ulceration with tunneling and a I looked closely at it I noticed something wiggling arounhd inside. Sure enough, a couple of worms dropped out and there were still more inside! It was somewhat epic for me. He came to church with us yesterday, which was great, but he wanted to leave early because he said the ward was very welcoming. Actually just about everyone greeted him. Marvin (the son of our old pincionesta) gave him a blessing of health with another member of the ward. Afterwards he said something that I thought was worth remembering. He said the affectiveness off the blessing depends on the faith of the recipenent and the reason they want the blessing. It helped me to realize that if I want a blessing in my life it needs to be because I want it to help my Heavenly Father.
Hermana Vidal´s temp had to go back to school so she´s been working with us again. I know its hard for her not to be working in her area but we love having her with us and feel blessed for the time she´s been with us.
I went to the hospital here for the first time. Hna Vidal has white bacterial growth in the back of her throat so we went to get that checked out. She´s fine and on medication. The hospital seemed pretty normal except more crowded and confused than my experiences in the States.
A few weeks ago I was talking to our area doctor who told me there´s another Hermana Pugmire serving in Aregentina as mission nurse. Go figure.
I´m been hearing about the raft trip for so long that I´m really happy to hear it went well. I love the Arizona desert, when I get back (I´m trunky, just saying) I want to visit every part of our beautiful state.
Sounds like every one is busy and doing well. Glad to here Mary and Jared made it home safe. And congrat to the Lindbloms. For me it´s really exciting to think that elder Lindblom is serving in Peru, it feels like I have family serving in the mission right next to me.
Love you all so much,
Hermana Pugmire

Sister Pugmire #25

Happy St Patty´s day everybody
This was a pretty great week, except that our baptism fell through. Julio didn´t show up for his interview and we´ve been having a hard time finding a time to meet with him, he always cancels last minute. But I´ll talk to him wednesday and find out how we can help him.
Yestday we had 2 investigators come to church- Kathy 15 and Diana 8. Their mom promised to come too but couldn´t last minute. The girls loved church and are asking about when they can come back. The Mom- Shirly- is having problems with her spouse. He moved out and the girls are always asking about when he´ll come home. We pormised her that the gospel could help her with her marriage. She asked us how. I tried to describe how grateful I am for parents who live temple covenants and taught me to look forward to the temple. I tried to describe what a difference it makes when you know that your family is eternal. That when you get married in the temple you make a promise that will bring you and your spouse happiness for eternity. I haven´t made that promise myself but I have plenty of examples. And I know what my goal is. Many people want to have a family for eternity but they aren´t willing to live the gospel or make the covenants. We have members that are always saying one day they will go to the temple but they aren´t willing to prepare themselves to go so they´ll keep talking and continue to miss out on the blessings.
This is what´s going on with the parents of our investigator Talia. They won´t let their daughter be baptized and they keep saying they´ll get married in the temple but time is passing them by and their example is teaching their daughter the baptism and temple marrigae is unimportant.
The family we live with has had an interesting week. They found out that their dad/ grandpa died 4 years ago. So our pincionesta went on a trip to take care of the grave site. When she got their she found out he was living and well. How crazy is that. I will always keep in contact with all of you so that that doesn´t happen with me.
I had my weekly meeting with Hermana Fernandez. My 3rd one! she said that we really are going to start having them weekly because she needs to prepare me to take on a lot more work when the new mission president gets here, because his wife might not speak spanish.
thanks for the package Mom! It was a really fun surprise. I love sharing the summary and picture of Elder and Sister Zobrist with the other missionaries. and my no show sock are exactly what I needed. They don´t sell those kind here (so says my comp) and the colors are so fun! You know me too well.
Keep living the gospel, keeping covenants and remember that you are ALL in my prayers.
Hermana Pugmire

Sister Pugmire #24

it sounds like this last week has been really great. Congratulations to Roman on his Driving permit test and Vasa on his track meet. And Happy Birthday to Spencer, and to Scottie. And Happy Anniversary to Mary and Jared.
Thats so fantastic that family came to church dad (sorry, I can磘 remember how to spell their names). What a blessing for you efforts and desires to help them and Christ in his work. This week we were really focused on getting our investigators to come to church. We passed by their houses just about every day to remind them and on Sunday we went to pick them up but they didn磘 show up. That was really hard! But Preach My Gospel says that missionaries are hopeful and happy even when investigators don磘 keep promises or accept the message. I have the Gospel of Christ and promise of his help so I know that I can be filled with joy if I seek comfort from the Holy Ghost.
Dad磗 letter was the first time I heard about our new mission president. Wow Norteamericano! I need to learn spanish quick. And i now have no hope of ever leaving Arequipa during my mission. Every one said if the next mission president was Latino I might be able to serve somewhere else for my last transfer (like Camana, Moquega or Tacna). What else do you know about them? can you send me a picture?
This week we also ran into our favorite drunk the other day when we went to have our appointment with Adriana and Stephine. He tried to kiss my hand again! but I was a lot quicker and more forceful about pulling away. Guy, if their wasn磘 some one behind him to catch him he would have fallen to the ground. I磎 going to be alot smarter about when drunks want to shake my hand. Adriana and Stephine really aren磘 progressing. They read the Book of Mormom and have testimonies of it but they still don磘 go to church so we won创t be able to spend much time with them any more. That磗 been really hard for me to digest.
We have a girl in our ward we磖e teaching who wants to get baptized but her mom doesn磘 want her to. Its crazy because the mom and dad are preparing to go to the temple. She do閟n磘 want her daughter to be left out in her catholic school. I think this mom needs to read D牋and C 68 25. We磖e also teaching the cousin of Dafna. Angela wants to be baptized too but her dad is against it. All her siblings are members and her sister is a return missionary. They all lived with their Grandma who is a member and gave permission. We磖e praying Heavenly Father will soften the Dad磗 heart.
Well I still love you and am grateful for my beautiful family. And I磎 very grateful to be apart Christ磗 force as a missionary. D and C 84 77
Con Amor
Hermana Pugmire

Sister Pugmire #23

Happy Birthday Vasa! 19 years is such a big mile stone. And so is 10 years so congratulations to Mark and Beth as well.
We got some really good news yesterday. Dafna got permission from her parents to go to the temple in Lima this week with the youth. We were praying that she would be able to and are very grateful to have those prayers answered.
Yamali (bishop´s cousin) stopped progressing. We haven¨t been able to get ahold of her for about two weeks and neither has the bishop. Its sad, but we are finding new people. We have 2 that are worth mentioning Victor Hugo and Heydi. Victor is really excited about what he´s learning but he says he´s confused because it´s all so new. We keep telling him to pray about it but he doesn´t yet. It´s the same story with Heydi. They love learning about the church but they don´t want to pray to know if its true until they´ve studied more.
we had a missoinary activity saturday and some of the members brought friends that are really interested in learning more which is excting for us. The activity was fun too. The different organizations each planned a game. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
no too many missionaries have called me about health, but most of the time it´s stomach problems: we have one little sister with severe ankle inflammation and pain. She´s seen a few doctor´s but none seem to know how to help her. Me either but I think we´ll be able to find a solution soon. We have a young girl in our ward who´s boyfriend has been coming to church with her for about half a year. We finally got a chance to talk to him yesterday night. (he´s been gone for work just about every other week). He told us he wants to get baptized. Great! we just need to set a date. He´s name is Julio.
Hermana Bertha (Adriane and Stephine´s mom) told us the other day that she loves our chapels and wants to go in and listen to our ´pastor´ but it´s always closed. We told her to come on Sundays.... but she´s not to crazy about that idea.
We´ve been reading talk but Elder Tad R Callister ¨Consecrated Missionary¨ as a mission this last week. I´ve really had a change of heart. He talks about laying everything on the ¨altar of sacrifice¨ because we need to be more then just good or even great missionaries. I need to serve because we Truly love our Savior and know that even though our sacrifice will never equal His we need to give all for HIm. I have lots of sins that I really don´t want to give up but I do love Him. And I don´t want to be just a missionary.
Love you all so much,
Hermana Pugmire

Sister Pugmire #22

Dear Family,
Happy Presidents Day. I love my family calendar so much. But I think it will be good when march comes and I can´t look at pictures of OUR family all the time.
It sounds like the girls had a great trip to the cabin. And I´m so happy to hear everyone is still alive and happy. So am I!
This week Dafna got baptized. I don´t think I wrote very much about her but she really is a very special convert. She´s 14, her mom isn´t a member and her dad is less active. They live with their consins who are very active so she have a lot of support. Her uncle (who is also in the bishopbric) baptized her. it was really special. We´re hoping she´ll get to go on the temple trip at the end of this month but her dad isn´t keen on it (he wasn´t happy about her getting baptized either) which is odd because he´s member. I tried talking to him at the baptism but he made it clear that that wasn´t happening. But we have a lesson with the family tonight and hopefully he´ll be there.
We contacted a girl named Heydi this week. She´s 18. She told us that she´s been searching for the truth for a long time. She´s also been studying with the Johova´s Witnesses. The next time we talked she asked us about Kolob (thanks Wikipèdia). So we gave her a Book of Mormon. Last night she told us that reading the Book of Mormon makes her feel happy and Curious. Entonce, we´re really excited about her.
I´ve had some really great oppurtunities to share my testimony and I feel it growing. I don´t know a lot and can´t relate to the experiences of all our investigators but I´m coming to understand that that really doesn´t matter. What matters is that it´s true! and I don´t have to speak fluently for them to know it. They just need to search for themselves and ask God. and we always have the spirit to help us commincate the things we can´t say.
I found out that we have 2 sweet shops in our area. But the 2nd one isn´t as good as the first. Plus Maria runs the first one and she is really interested in learning about the gospel. The only problem is that her husband doesn´t like her talking to us.
Keep being wonderful. I love you and miss you.
Con amor,
Hermana Pugmire.
ps because of the age change for missionaries sister missionaries go home 2 weeks early. Go figure

Sister Pugmire #21

Dear Family,
Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all get to eat a lot of Chocolate.
Congratulations To Rachelle NOT Lee, I didn´t even know she was engaged. And Uncle Brento is in my prayers, I hope he recovers soon. And what is this about Aunt Edie being Elsie´s Valentine? Who am I? Roman I hope you make the Volleyball team. And Vasa good luck with Track.
Mary and Jared how´s your car coming along?
This last Monday we had a power out throughtout Arequipa and Moquega. It also happened to be the foggiest night I´ve had here. Walking through these dingy crowded polluted streets was like walking around in a scary movie. And it was really fun.
The rainy season was supposed to have started the end of December but it didn´t really start until last week, and I am so grateful it waited! To look around you would think it never rains but it pours! its crazy to watch old taxis and dying buses scales steep hills on roads that are more like rivers.
Friday we had a visit with an inactive teenager named Pamela. She´s 18 and lives with her mom and little brother. Her mom seperated from her dad when she was 15. The first time we met she was to me another Maria Roldon (I don´t know if you remember but she was an investigator in La Libertad). The next day we went by because she promised to go to some appointments and track with us. We found her drunk and smoking with her 17 year old pregnant friend, who got pregnant by her professor of religion at her catholic school. They were trying decided wether or not her friend should abort.
We found out that Pamela had been raped and got pregnant too but aborted naturally. This girl has passed through a lot of stuff. she´s completely addicted to tobabco. She smoked about 7 packs in 2 and ahalf days. we spent a long time talking with them, dumped out their alcohol, and took their cigriattes and headed to our apointment with Adriana and Stephine.
What a different experience it was with those sisters. They committed to obeying the law of chasity and living the word of wisedom. It was easy for them cause they were already living it. What a different experence! It helped me realize how important parents really are. The first 2 girls don´t have strong families. Pamela´s mom is always away working. Adriana and Stephine´s mom won´t let them get baptized until their 18 but atleast they care!
Speaking which Bertha (their mom) asked me the other day if I had any Gringos related by blood that she couple her daughters with. I may or may not have promised away some kids in this family in exchange for the baptisms of her daughters.
I still learning the lanuage. I choose to believe that I´m getting better but its comes little by little and its hard to see progress. But I feel confident about it anyways
This week I haven´t had too much nursing work. A sister has a tear in her bronicals that was causing her to vomit blood and an elder had to go to the hosiptal a couple times but they are being taken care of and all is well.
I love you and miss you soooooooo dang much. what´d ya gonna do?
Hermana Pugmire

Sister Pugmire #20

Dear Familia,
Happy birthday Kiera! hope its a good one.
And I hope everyone is feeling better who was sick last week. Way to go with these last few basketball games Roman! And Vasa its so great to hear about all the service you give. It helps me want to be a better mission. I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Wells today, so thanks! I have to wait to get home to read and I am excited to do so.
This week has been fairly eventful. Monday we had Hermana Vidal come stay with us. She´s my Companion`s trainer so it was a really fun reunion for them. Hna Vidal is supposed to open a new area in our Stake- Casa Blanca. She`s been with us all week because she didn`t have a room in her area or a companion. She`s supposed to move today. Its really been fun to have her. She is so fun, happy, and a really good missionary. She loves everyone, and I´ve learned alot from her.
We have a youngo girl named Dafna who's getting baptized on the 16th. Her cousins are all members and she knows alot about the church. after we comitted her we told her we needed permission from her mother to get baptized. She was a little worried about this. She had wanted to get baptized when she was much younger but her mom said no. Everyone in the ward was rather unoptimistic as well. But when we went to talk to her mom she told us she was willing to support her daughter (who is 15) 100 percent. We were very happy and very surprised., Dafna`s decision reminded me of Mariana. I felt the spirit very strongly and was to bear my testimony of eternal families and how grateful I am for the decision of my adopted siblings to be baptized so that they could be sealed to our family for eternity. and because the room was filled with all women, we all cried.
we also moved to a new house. The last one had single men living in it so we had to move. Now we actually live in our area. And we live in the house of our picionista so we don`t have to go anywhere else to it. and the family are members. Its a really great situation. The only downside is that I have to start over with trying to explain the reason I don`t eat all of the mini mountain on my plate isn`t because I don`t like it... it`s just phyically impossible.
Sunday the Bishop`s cousin came to church. We talked to her and she wants to get baptized on the 16th as well. Her grandfather died a year ago who was a father to her. She`s interested in eternal families.We`re vey excited for our lesson with her on Wednesday.
I hope everything is still going well with you and I really really really love all of you.
Hermana Pugmire

Sister Pugmire #19

I just love guys so much!!!!
Happy Birthday Annie and Helia. I hope you eat something really yummy that day that I can´t buy here, like peanut butter, in memory of me. That´s so amazing that Josh was able to get his blessing. What a great example he is of a righteous young man. I´m so greatful to have nephews and neices that are really trying to do the right thing and help those around them. Sorry to hear everyone is sick. hope yoiu all feel better soon.
So at the beginning of this last week I got bit by a big old mean dog. He went for my leg but latched onto my skirt. The worst of it is that he tore my favorite skirt, but other then that I don´t have rabies, he didn´t even cut the skin. I always carry a rock with me to scare insecure dogs but this was the first time I actually threw one. Fortunetly I have fairly bad aim, I think I would have felt bad if I actually hit him.
I have officailly finished training but I still have alot to learn. in any case its a big mile marker.
This last thrusday we had a training meeting with Elder Wadell. It was really great and I got to meet all the other north american sister in the Arequipa mission- all 3 of them. I´ve talked to them all on the phone before for nursing but I actually know thier faces now.
Well I we didn´t have a baptism this month.The threat was that we would get transferred if we didn´t have one but transfers were today and we´re still here. Last week Bishop offered us his nephew and niece (kinda like pulling a 10 dollar bill out of his pocket). The kids said they wanted to be baptized but Hermana Torrealva before felt it would be wrong to baptize them. they just weren´t ready, but we were getting alot of pressure from our zone and district leaders. In the end the mom decided she didn´t want them to be baptized. We were really relieved.
We´re also working with the bishop´s brother in- laws family as well. They were really strong at one point, the husband worked on the stake counsel but he got offended, started drinking and the family left the church. They have testimonies and say they want to return but they haven´t done it yet. we're had some really spiritual experiences with them that make it hard for us to see them continue to choose the wrong páth that is obivously making them unhappy.
I still love everyone and pray for you with all my heart. Your welcome
Hermana Pugmire
ps I think these are pictures of my zone and my area