Friday, September 28, 2012

Sister Pugmire #3

Mi familia,
I still havent read any of your emails because I havent been given the ok to spend time reading them. I have been give a little time to write a quick note to let you know Im here and safe. I will give you a quick overview of my trip:
On the ride from Salt lake to Atalana I sat next to an older gentlemen who was once a part of the church but was offended and he left. He actually left alot of Churchs that he was offended by. I gave him a pass along card but didnt talk to him about the church very much because every time he brought the subject up (which he frequently did) he would change the subject as I was speaking. He told me so many things about his life. He told me that he doesnt make friends very easily and that he normally doesnt speak to people on the plane but he opened up to me because I reminded him of a young women he was once engaged to who died! That was very interesting but im glad he felt comfortable around me.
Last night I slept in a room all by myself for the first time since the begining of my mission. Hermana Ali was supposed to fly out with us and be my companion but she didnt get her visa. So toady Ive been assigned to 2 Hermanas from South America and they are very sweet and helpful. I hope I get to spend alot of time with them so that I will be forced to learn faster!
As far as I can tell Peru is beautiful and I feel very blessed to be here.
I got the girls letters, Mary, and I was very proud of them. I showed them off to my companions and anyone else I could. Ill write them back as soon as I can but the mail is pretty slow here.
Love you all so much
Hereman Pugmire

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sister Pugmire #2

Well guys....
I received an email a few days ago to notify me that my visa hadn't come. I was asked to notify my family on my next P Day. Consider yourselves notified.
Yesterday I told I'm flying out to the Lima MTC on Tuesday and was asked to notify my family on my next P-Day. You are now notified.
I AM SO EXCITED!!!! And I'm feeling pretty darn blessed. I've worried more about that visa then I ought to and it's a relief to be on my way.
Sunday one of my companions and I were asked to give the prayers in Relief Society. Kind of a big deal. Sister Sherri Dew was the speaker. Yes that is correct- I said the closing prayer and I sat on the stand with Sherri Dew. It was rather epic and I'm feeling pretty cool.
Sister Dew asked to shake my hand but I said "whoa, whoa, whoa Sherri Dew- CEO of Desert Book and author of President Hinkley and Benson's biographies- not just anyone can shake my hand." Actually I had a pretty lovely cold so I told her it was best I keep my germs to myself. I think that comment made me more memorable.
I think the best feeling that I experince here at the MTC is a feeling of safety. You see, there are no 'sisters grabing sisters bums' at the MTC. I can turn my back in peace.
I'm sorry to write another very short letter. We get a half hour during laundry but I was pulled out because I had a nuring class that started earlier then I had been informed it would. I'm unlawfully finishing this letter now so I can't be as elaborate as I would wish to be. I love you all and miss you but I try not to think about you too much. Mainly I just pray for you and dream about you all.
Thank you Mary for getting your girls letters sent off (I'm assuming you did) it will make me very important in my district.
Erik- I didn't get to read your letter but I did see the beginning off it and I'm happy to hear you're sporting a more missionary look.
OK now I really gotta go. IT's too bad, I really had thought out a lot of fanstastic things to share with you that I'll forget before my next letter.
Hermana Pugmire

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sister Pugmire 1st edition

Well family it's been week and I caught Tb here at the MTC. I'll probably die in a couple weeks. CHISTE!!!! AKA: Chiste is Esponal for 'just kidding', although I don't know the actual spelling of that. I'm finding out that I know very little about the gospel and Spanish. I want to be better than I am and progress fast then I am. I feel like I'm in one of those dreams were a monster is chasing me and I'm running in slow motion with lead shoes.
I have two companeras. There were 4 Hermanas in our district but Hermana Dopp got bumped up to intermediate Spanish so her companion (Hermana Shelton) became companions with myself and Hermana DeMille.
I got to see Aunt Lynnie during lunch a couple times before she left. She got my lunch schedule and came and found me. It was so wonderful to see her!!! My BYUI roommate and beloved friend Amanda Hill also found me. Apparently one of the Elders in her district knows how to hack into the computer system and found me for her. I am so loved.
I saw Elder Allred from the Stake and Elder Rigby came in today.
Lets see, my Bosom friend Katie picked me up from the airport and we went to Temple Square and lunch before I went into the mission. It was very peaceful and a great breather before I jumped into the compound. Hermana Shelton is going to D.C. South - aka the Riggs mission. I tried to tell her fantastic stories about them but I don't know any that she hasn't already heard. Everyone wants to tell her about how President Riggs likes to stick his finger in your food. Hermana DeMille is going to the Mesa Temple mission. If you see a very little person with very long dark, almost black, hair give her a big smile.
So I'm getting highly distracted because I'm trying to write in the laundry room; therefore I can't think of anything else to say even though I know more has happened.
P.S. write me a letter. My companion gets one every day so you should follow that excellent example. Well I don't need one every day.
I love ya'll very much and want know what's going on with you.
Herman Pugmire
oh and I attached a picture of me and katie and me and Elder Allred

This is not katy typing...but her wonderful sister, I can't figure out how to attach the pictures to her post...but i will figure it out and do it soon!