Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #49

Dear Family
Happy Labor day!! 
And happy late birthday to Mark, sorry I forgot to write it in last week, but I promise I was thinking about you. 
And happy birthday to Erik, your day´s a bit easier for me to remember because the day I went into the MTC. 
And happy grandparents day this Sunday. I sure am lucky to have the best grandpartents in the world!
This last Sunday we had a new investigator come to church, Davie. he understands everything we tell him. He reads the book of Mormon and marks is up. The only problem is that he says he has the whole Book of Mormon to know if its true. 
Patty didn´t come to church yesterday but we did get to have an appointment with her last night. We watched the Testaments with her at Lourdes house. Lourdes made popcorn and made me my own giant bowl, how embarrassing, but I ate the whole thing and a little bit of the community bowl. I´ve developed a great love for popcorn in the mission. (I think its because it reminds me of mom and how she´ll microwave a bowl of popcorn when she wants a snack, or pull out an orange cream sicle.) She had her baptismal interview last week but still doesn´t want to put the baptism to a date. 
We´ve started eating with our new pincion, Hermana Nora. She´s not a member but very sweet, and the food is very yummy, but she doesn´t give us as much food as Maria which is great because we don´t feel too bloated to walk. 
In our zone there a few women who sale second hand clothing from the States on the side of the road. There are few things that make me happier then seeing a goodwell tag that says $7 and realizing I bought it for 9 soles- I got it cheaper then I could at a second hand store in the states.
Well I can´t think of anything else.
Love ya´ll, and pray always for ya,
Hermana pugmire
PS mom I got a letter from you about 3 week ago that got missent to Thailand. So I got to read all about the wedding preparation about 2 months later! but it didn´t change how much I loved getting the letter and reading about the wedding plans.

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