Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #41

dear family,
I hope you´re all having a great time in Montana. And happy birthday to Zach!!
also happy 4th of July to everyone. I´ll be celebrating our independence with you in my heart. 
This last Thursday we had our final meeting with President and Sister Fernandez. I was pretty emotional the whole time. They have be such a huge influence in my life and its tough to have them go. They took us to see where the temple will be, but we´re not allowed to tell anyone we got to see it. Its very beautiful and situated where you can see all of Arequipa.
At the meetting I go to see Hermanas Torreavla and Rivas. Hermana Rivas told me that Laura, Qiutina, Flor, and Juan all got baptized within these last two weeks! I wish I could have been there to witness it but I guess the Lord wants me here.
Hermana Rivas told me that when hna. Quintina found out I got transferred she cried and wailed out ïts my fault the Gringa got sent away! It´s because I treated her badly!¨ Oh Quintina, how I miss you.
This week Hermana Nimia got baptized. She had her interview with Pres. Fernandez Tuesday. She said that when she went into the office she left a insupportable burning from inside. The night before the bapitsm we had a special meeting , just the 3 of us. Nimia is very special person. We got to share our testimonies and express our love for her. 
The baptism went really well. Our Pincionista (from her own small budget) prepared sandwichs and Chichamorada. 
Luis (Nimis´s financee) performed the baptism. Everything went well and everyone went home happy. 
She was confirmed Sunday but Hermana Vargas and I missed it! we had divisiones to get our investigars. I went to get the Condori family. the mom and kids were all ready but the husband (Felix) never showed up. Later Hermana Vergas told me that she and her temp. called down a taxi to get to the church and the taxista was Feilix! He told her that he had been out all night drinking, hopefully not doing anything worse. 
Hna. Vargas brought hermanas Rosamaria and her baby, and Rofina. Maria (our pincionista and best friend) brought Yolanda and her kids. We were pretty taking care of everyone. 
We´ve got some great investiagators but none of them are married!!! Its just not taught here that you need to get married. 
So thats where we are. We have a new mission president and I guess I let you know next week what kind of changes that means for the mission. 
Love ya´ll,
Hermana Pugmire -or as I´m known in these parts: hermana Pok

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