Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #34

Dear Familia,
Congratulations to Mary and Jared!!! Its so exciting to know your in the hospital right now!!!! Don´t forget to send me pictures as soon as you can. 
its so crazy to think I was just talking to you and seeing your faces yesterday! I loved seeing everyone and getting to see the new faces as well.I thought it would be really hard to get back into the mission mentality but since we had a lot to do it was easier then I thought. After we left Liz´s house we went to an appointment with a less active member who wasn´t home. so we went to an appointment with an investigator but they weren´t home either so we went searching for new people. 
This last saturday we had an activity in the church for mothers day. Maria and Duarar came to see Kathy (their cousin) perform. It was the first time they both came to the church. It was really exciting to see them there. We were hoping they would come to church the next day but they went to La Joya to see Duarar´s mom. But Maria told me that she knows the Book of Mormon is true. and that they´re getting ready to get married. We have an appointment with them tuesday so we´ll see how that goes. 
My new companion Sister Rivas is really great. I feel like she´s training me! She´s very positive and easy to get along with. Its a little hard for me to understand her because she speaks with a different accent. She´s from Buenas Aires Argentina. But I´m starting to figure it out. 
For the last few weeks we´ve been taking cold showers in an outdoor shower in the winter. Its freeving but not too bad. But my poor companion! She´s still not used to it and its kind of a rough beginning in the mission field. 
I love you all so much and miss you of course. I´m kinda glad I won´t be talking to you again for 7 months because my nose is red enough without all the crying and sniffing.
Your´re in my prayers.
Love Hermana Pugmire
ps Scott, congratulations with your new calling.

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