Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #38

Dear family,
 the wedding looked so beautiful!! and Mariana was gorgeous of course. All the of the missionaries here think the wedding turned out beautiful to. It will be so fun for me when I get to see all the pictures when I get home. 
This weekend Romeo got baptized! But it turns out his name is actually Ivan. Saturday we had an interview for Johnathan but he didn´t show at the chapel. we had been calling him all day and went by his house but nothing. So we were feeling really bummed. Bishop asked me to stay and practice with the choir so we had splits so that Han Rivas could go get a family we invited to watch a bautizism that the elders in our ward had. She called me in the middle of practice and told me to get a hold of our district elder (Elder Kerivan) because she was headed to the chapel with Romeo for a baptismal interview. I got a hold of E Kerivan and H Rivas came to the Capilla hauling a family of 5 and Ivan. He had his interview and when they came during the baptism and when they came out E. Kerivan said that they going to Evan´s house to get his family because he was getting baptized!
We got the ward to wait for another baptism, got permission to stay out late and Evan got baptized! 
But his family didn´t come. He was really sad about it, and so were we. They said they were too tired. 
Before Evan entered the waters we asked him why he told us his name was Romeo and he said ¨Porque las chicas le dicen así¨. Evan, you dog you. 
After the bautism we discovered that his mom had come! that was super special. 
He came to church yesterday in a suit and tie, was confirmed and recieved his interview to recieve the preistood. and his mom came too. 
Jesica and Cesar, Johnathan and Laura, and Quitina and Flor. We were busy!
Johnathan had his bap interview church and his bap date is this Saturday. Keep him in your prayers!
We went to pick up this family that went to the baptism for church but when we go there they were talking to a Testigo de Jehova!! they said they couldn´t come to church and then the testigo came up and said that were studying the bible and then heading to church.  We told them sorry but we were headed for the true church and invited the family to pray and choose which church to attend. we had to pick up Evan but would return to hear what they chose. In the end they chose neither. We were so sad. this is a very special humble family that´s had a lot of problems I don´t have time to explain. 
I love you all so very much and keep you in my prayers
Hermana Pugmire

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