Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmrie #39


first of all sorry that I forgot to say happy birthday last week to Jared and Brock in my letter. I know you didn´t hear it, but I said happy birthday on the big day. 
And happy fathers day! I am so grateful for my dad and all the worthy priestood holders in my family. we are so blessed.
yesterday Quintina came to church with her 2 grandkids and Flor (her granddaughter) told us she wants to get baptized with her grandma. we asked her what her family would say. She said they didn´t care what she did, her decisiones/life isn´t important to them. That was so hard to hear but the ward (especial our pincionesta Julia) is doing a good job taking care of them. 
Jesica and Cesar also came and are preparing to be baptiszed. We had a contact in the street named Rosario come. 
And Romeo/ Ivan recieved the priestood!! He was a little unsure about his worthiness ( his dad doesn´t think he´s worthy because of his past life and still hasn´t forgiven him). But we helped Romeo understand that he is forgiven of God and worthy. He is progressing really well, we are so grateful to have found him. 
His mom invited us to eat picarones with the family after church but I didn´t get to go. Because.... I got transferred!! I was so suprised, I hadn´t finished training Hna Rivas, normally we don´t have transfers during training. I got sent to an area in Zomacola. I still don´t have my companion. I´ll be training a new hermana but she doesn´t get here until tomorrow. 
I admit that i´m nervous about my new responiosilbities and really didn´t want to leave ,y old area. I only had 6 months there! it doesn´t seem fair to leave so soon. I feel like I left my family (The Llanos Family). 
but I don´t get to choose so I get I´ll just have to toughen up.
love ya´ll so much!
hermana Pugmire

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