Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #42

Dear Family, 
how is every one? I loved hearing about the family reunion. I feel a little sad that I´ll have to wait 2 years to be a the next one. But the what are gonna do? the Lord calls and you gotta answer. 
This last thursday we had a meeting with the new president. he and Sister Zobrist are very positive happy people. they love everything and everyone. I think it will be very fun to work with them. I have my first meeting with Sister Zobrist tomorrow. So I´ll be able to find out what they see me doing as the mission nurse and what I need to change. 
Last night I had so many calls from sick missionaries.
We had 4 of our investigators come to church yesterday. Deysi (who´s getting abptized this Saturday), her niece Diana (who we´re praying will also get baptized this saturday), Delfina, and Rosamaria. 
Delfina and Rosamaria still aren´t married. We´re hoping to get Rosamaria married this August because the county has a day in which they help people get married faster and for less money. 
Delfina´s spouse is married to someone else who doesn´t want to give a divorce. It seems like we always end up crying when we go to delfina´s house. 
I´m sending you photos of my companion and Maria´s kids and of the house of Maria´s neighbors. Every night this women sets up her microphone thing and blars Avangelical sermons for EVERYONE within 30 miles to hear. I´ve never met this sister but I think she must be a very interesting person. 
To answer some of Mom´s questions about my area, its all city. I´m pretty sure I´m spend my whole mission in the city. It makes me miss the cabin a whole lot. Theres lots of drunks and dogs. the ward is great and the relief society helps us out a lot. We´re right next to the airpot.
I can´t remember what else happened this week but it was pretty busy. 
I love you all so much and pray for you. 
hermana Pugmire

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