Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Pugmire #45

Dear family,
how is everyone? Ready for school? Is it starting even ealier or is that just me?
We didn´t have a baptism this week. There´s a young boy who goes to church every week with his uncle and aunt, he even escaped from his house one Sunday to attend church when his parents said he had to stay home. His mom is all for him getting baptized but the dad isn´t. We haven´t actually talked to his dad so we´ll need to found him and hear it for ourselves before we believe he doesn´t want his son to be baptized. 
So Raul was supposed to get baptized this week but hopefully we´ll get the permission to baptism him this week. 
The other day I was on the comuputer putting some health information in the church system at a computer cafe when a boy of about 9 years gave me a good quizical look and asked my companion ¨is it a boy or a girl?¨ Maybe I should be better about putting my make up on in the mornings. 
The problem is that I don´t have time any more. As soon as I wake up I need to start calling missionaries to check up on them, inform them of doctors appointments, etc.  I don´t even do my exercises anymore. If I don´t get a worm or something I think I´ll come back home needing  a new pants size. 
On the bright side a drunk called me a drawf the other day. My comp informed me there was a saying that drawfs are actually very beautiful and white but they´re sent from demons. So it wasn´t really a compliament. 
Friday we had a relief society activity. I was supposed to teach them how to make peanut butter cookies. Our president (hna. Consuelo) but all the stuff. It was very sweet of her. The problem was is that no here knows what brown sugar. It almost doesn´t exsist. She bought a type of sugar that had a brownish hue, and was large granule. The cookies turned out fairly pathic. 
But I learned a great lesson: when you´re in Peru Just enjoy the food you get to eat in Peru. 
Tomorrow I´m supposed to give a health presentation to the new missionaries. Wish me luck. My spanish is still pretty crumby, and I´m forgetting my english. basically, I can´t communicate. I think I´ll basically tell them to take pepto bismol and stop eating in the streets. 
 I also need to set up a meeting for me and Hna Zobrist to speak to a cardiologist doctor about an elder with a heart problem- I´m not really sure how to do that. But it will be a great learning experiencia. 
I don´t know what more to report. I´m doing well, and feeling overwhelmed but I love being able to be more apart of everything. 
Hermana Pugmire
ps this is me with Hermana Consuelo (RS pres) and the peanut butter, and the other is of Hna Marcaria after she cut my hair. PS, its offical, my hair doesn´t grow other bean. Oh well.

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