Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #32

Dear Family,
How is everyone? I´m writing a day late because we had a sister missionary confrence yesterday at the mission home with all the sisters in the mission. For those who have had multiple companions it was a really sweet reunion. And it was fun for me to make friends and just be with all those wonderfull sisters.
President Fernandez told us yesterday that beinging now all missions will have sisters to be liders over the other sister misionarys so that we can have division and such. My companion was called to be one of the first so she´s in trainging today and I am working with Hermana Duarte.
PS happy birthday to David! know that I´ll be thinking of you on your big day.
Last we knocked on a door and the women that answered was pretty tough on us at first. Then she opened up and confided in us that her 33 year old son had died. She wasn´t sure if she would be able to see him again in the way she did during this life. We were able to open up to her the blessings of the ressurrection and the plan of salvation. It was very sweet.
We had a couple investigators come to church too. Tintina and her granddaughter Flor. They´re very wonderful people and enjoyed being in church. They´ve had lots of trials but want to follow Christ.
We didn´t get to have our confrence with Elder Bednar, for some reason he wasn´t able to make it but Elder Christensen still came and it was a great confrence. The choir sounded like it needed help but everyone said it was beautiful and the Holy Ghost WAS present and that´s what matters.
We have lots of great investigators. they´re not all progressing as quickly as we would like but they are moving along.
I love you all very much and pray for you. I am very blessed to have a wonderful, wonderful family who is living the gospel of Christ.
Hermana Pugmire

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  1. Clara! I don't know if you can read comments, but I just wanted to tell you I love you! We moved and life has gotten crazy! Letter in the mail soon!