Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #28

Dear Family,
The biggest news for this week is that Kathy got baptized and confirmed! It was a really special service. Her parents and grandparents came and so did lots of ward members. They were all very supportive and Kathy really felt the spirit. She told us she felt different, elevated. Her grandparents really felt the spirit too. They´re going to be great references for the missionaries in La Joya. When we took the picture with the Lima temple her dad asked about it and was very interested in enternal families. We´re excited to continue working with them.
The pictures are from Hermana´s Torrealva´s camera because I for got mine. I´ll send some next week.
Happy Birthday to Cheryl and Tyton. I hope everyone makes an April fools joke on Cheryl and President Monson wishes Tyton a happy birthday in confrence.
Next week I need to send a picture of Liz. She´s a new convert who is waiting for her mission call. She´s the elders pincionista, conselor in the primary, ward missionary, sub teacher in Relief Society, teachs early morning seminary, and she still finds time to go to our lessons with us. She´s my hero. When she was baptized her dad said he would kick her out of the house, now her whole family are members.
And thanks for the package Mom. I love everything. I´m even wearing my new skirt right now. By the way, Maria (the investigator who´s picture I shared last week who owns the bread shop) would like 2 watches like the one you sent me, pink and orange. She´s willing to pay. She even gave me a bag of my favorite rolls (caramanducas) to help me remember to tell you. It would really help me out if you could say they´re seasonal or something.
I don´t have more to say but I love you and pray for each of you.
Love, Hermana Pugmire

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