Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #30

Dear Family,
Happy Birthday to Kaileigha and Mariana. Eat extra cake for me please!!
This week I´m writing later then usual because we had choir practice this morning. Next Thursday one of the general authorities and a member of the 70 are coming down to visit us. All of the mission will come together for the conference. It´s pretty exciting. Practice didn´t sound to bad but its a good thing the song of the righteous is a prayer unto God and not a song of the excellent singers.
This last week we got to have President Fernandez work with some of our investigators. I really have a lot of respect for our president. It will be tough to see him go. Our first appointment wasn´t home. so pres. had his daughter give him the number and called him to tell him to be home monday night for a meeting with him and to have his baptismal clothes ready.
Then we went to Kathy´s house (our convert). We talked to Duarar' (her cousin who is investigating with his wife Maria) and Shirley (her mom). We´ve been trying to get Duarar to read the Book of Mormom and he always says he will be never does. When Pres told him to read he did! we said good bye to pres and return to the house to find Duarar with the BOM and his reading glasses on. Pres also found Shirley´s doubt for us. She hardly said two words together when Pres told her ¨you´re afraid to leave your catholic tradicions, but don´t be. God wants you in His kingdom. He needs your help in His Reign.¨ she got alittle teary eyed and so did I. Pres invited them to stake confrence and said he wanted to direct his talk to them.
But they didn´t come!! we even called Maria and Duarar at 5:30 AM (at their request) so they could return from Duarar´s parents house in time. They daughter got sick and they had to take her to the post. Shirly´s boy Johnathan was also sick. It was REALLY disapointing. we were so sure they would come.
We also were able to tract into a coulpe of atheists this weeks. Both of whom are very nice people but say they face their problems without God and don´t need Him. They have no idea that God is granting them their daily breath! John told us it´s very pretty this hope we have for the next life but he just wants to be happy in this life. We tried to explain that this hope and living the gospel is what brings us happiness now. buts its hard to describe such grand joy to someone that doesn´t have the desire to believe and thinks they are happy enough as is.
I think lesson 3 in PME is my favorite. we all need this lesson and we all need to continually strive to live it. This is how we find happiness and this is how we come to know Christ. I´m so grateful for the gospel!
and I love you all very much have a great week, you´re in my prayers but my thoughts are in the work, or atleast that´s where I´m trying to put them.
Hermana Pugmire.

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