Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #22

Dear Family,
Happy Presidents Day. I love my family calendar so much. But I think it will be good when march comes and I can´t look at pictures of OUR family all the time.
It sounds like the girls had a great trip to the cabin. And I´m so happy to hear everyone is still alive and happy. So am I!
This week Dafna got baptized. I don´t think I wrote very much about her but she really is a very special convert. She´s 14, her mom isn´t a member and her dad is less active. They live with their consins who are very active so she have a lot of support. Her uncle (who is also in the bishopbric) baptized her. it was really special. We´re hoping she´ll get to go on the temple trip at the end of this month but her dad isn´t keen on it (he wasn´t happy about her getting baptized either) which is odd because he´s member. I tried talking to him at the baptism but he made it clear that that wasn´t happening. But we have a lesson with the family tonight and hopefully he´ll be there.
We contacted a girl named Heydi this week. She´s 18. She told us that she´s been searching for the truth for a long time. She´s also been studying with the Johova´s Witnesses. The next time we talked she asked us about Kolob (thanks Wikipèdia). So we gave her a Book of Mormon. Last night she told us that reading the Book of Mormon makes her feel happy and Curious. Entonce, we´re really excited about her.
I´ve had some really great oppurtunities to share my testimony and I feel it growing. I don´t know a lot and can´t relate to the experiences of all our investigators but I´m coming to understand that that really doesn´t matter. What matters is that it´s true! and I don´t have to speak fluently for them to know it. They just need to search for themselves and ask God. and we always have the spirit to help us commincate the things we can´t say.
I found out that we have 2 sweet shops in our area. But the 2nd one isn´t as good as the first. Plus Maria runs the first one and she is really interested in learning about the gospel. The only problem is that her husband doesn´t like her talking to us.
Keep being wonderful. I love you and miss you.
Con amor,
Hermana Pugmire.
ps because of the age change for missionaries sister missionaries go home 2 weeks early. Go figure

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