Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #21

Dear Family,
Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all get to eat a lot of Chocolate.
Congratulations To Rachelle NOT Lee, I didn´t even know she was engaged. And Uncle Brento is in my prayers, I hope he recovers soon. And what is this about Aunt Edie being Elsie´s Valentine? Who am I? Roman I hope you make the Volleyball team. And Vasa good luck with Track.
Mary and Jared how´s your car coming along?
This last Monday we had a power out throughtout Arequipa and Moquega. It also happened to be the foggiest night I´ve had here. Walking through these dingy crowded polluted streets was like walking around in a scary movie. And it was really fun.
The rainy season was supposed to have started the end of December but it didn´t really start until last week, and I am so grateful it waited! To look around you would think it never rains but it pours! its crazy to watch old taxis and dying buses scales steep hills on roads that are more like rivers.
Friday we had a visit with an inactive teenager named Pamela. She´s 18 and lives with her mom and little brother. Her mom seperated from her dad when she was 15. The first time we met she was to me another Maria Roldon (I don´t know if you remember but she was an investigator in La Libertad). The next day we went by because she promised to go to some appointments and track with us. We found her drunk and smoking with her 17 year old pregnant friend, who got pregnant by her professor of religion at her catholic school. They were trying decided wether or not her friend should abort.
We found out that Pamela had been raped and got pregnant too but aborted naturally. This girl has passed through a lot of stuff. she´s completely addicted to tobabco. She smoked about 7 packs in 2 and ahalf days. we spent a long time talking with them, dumped out their alcohol, and took their cigriattes and headed to our apointment with Adriana and Stephine.
What a different experience it was with those sisters. They committed to obeying the law of chasity and living the word of wisedom. It was easy for them cause they were already living it. What a different experence! It helped me realize how important parents really are. The first 2 girls don´t have strong families. Pamela´s mom is always away working. Adriana and Stephine´s mom won´t let them get baptized until their 18 but atleast they care!
Speaking which Bertha (their mom) asked me the other day if I had any Gringos related by blood that she couple her daughters with. I may or may not have promised away some kids in this family in exchange for the baptisms of her daughters.
I still learning the lanuage. I choose to believe that I´m getting better but its comes little by little and its hard to see progress. But I feel confident about it anyways
This week I haven´t had too much nursing work. A sister has a tear in her bronicals that was causing her to vomit blood and an elder had to go to the hosiptal a couple times but they are being taken care of and all is well.
I love you and miss you soooooooo dang much. what´d ya gonna do?
Hermana Pugmire

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