Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #31

Dear Family,
Happy birthday Roman and Kalias! and Happy birthdays to Ava, Anela, Julia, and Scott. This is a pretty celebretery week.
And I found out from Mom´s letter that Aunt Marcee is getting married!!!!!!! congratulations that is really exciting
Saturday we had a really special experience with an investigator we found last saturday. Hna. Natala has been searching for the Church of God for a long time. We talked about the Book of Mormon then watched the First Vision movie with her: I felt the spirit so strongly and when I looked at her I knew that she was feeling the spirit as well. after the lesson she told us that heart felt like it would pound out of her chest and that she a felt this once before in a church been never as strongly as that night with us. When she said the closing pray all she could ask was that her whole family could join and after that she just kept saying thank you. It was a really wonderful experince. She came to church yesterday too but was disappointed because she didn´t have the same heart punding experience. It was a little sad to her say that but we still feel that she´ll still be able to progress.
We found out this morning at choir practice that it´s Elder Bednar who´s coming with Elder Christenson from the 70. While they´re here they´re going to pick a spot for the Temple. It´s pretty exciting for all of us.
The choir sounds... not like MoTab. We altos are doing pretty bad. Bless their hearts. But I think the spirit will be there anyways. During practice President told us he set up an appointment with one of our investigators for this week and told him to get ready to be baptized. President says someone is going to be baptized they get baptized so we think we have a baptism to plan for this week.
And more things happened this week that I can´t remember. OH! We felt another earthquake. My companion hates them but I´ve never felt one before coming to Peru so it´s pretty exciting for me.
And all is well here in Peru. It gets cold a night but its perfect during the day. TThings were pretty green for a couple weeks buts its back to its usual brown.
Love you all and miss you
Hermana Pugmire
ps I think the pictures are of me with other hermanas playing soccor last p day and the other is the pday before that when we all met eachother at the hospital

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