Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #24

it sounds like this last week has been really great. Congratulations to Roman on his Driving permit test and Vasa on his track meet. And Happy Birthday to Spencer, and to Scottie. And Happy Anniversary to Mary and Jared.
Thats so fantastic that family came to church dad (sorry, I can磘 remember how to spell their names). What a blessing for you efforts and desires to help them and Christ in his work. This week we were really focused on getting our investigators to come to church. We passed by their houses just about every day to remind them and on Sunday we went to pick them up but they didn磘 show up. That was really hard! But Preach My Gospel says that missionaries are hopeful and happy even when investigators don磘 keep promises or accept the message. I have the Gospel of Christ and promise of his help so I know that I can be filled with joy if I seek comfort from the Holy Ghost.
Dad磗 letter was the first time I heard about our new mission president. Wow Norteamericano! I need to learn spanish quick. And i now have no hope of ever leaving Arequipa during my mission. Every one said if the next mission president was Latino I might be able to serve somewhere else for my last transfer (like Camana, Moquega or Tacna). What else do you know about them? can you send me a picture?
This week we also ran into our favorite drunk the other day when we went to have our appointment with Adriana and Stephine. He tried to kiss my hand again! but I was a lot quicker and more forceful about pulling away. Guy, if their wasn磘 some one behind him to catch him he would have fallen to the ground. I磎 going to be alot smarter about when drunks want to shake my hand. Adriana and Stephine really aren磘 progressing. They read the Book of Mormom and have testimonies of it but they still don磘 go to church so we won创t be able to spend much time with them any more. That磗 been really hard for me to digest.
We have a girl in our ward we磖e teaching who wants to get baptized but her mom doesn磘 want her to. Its crazy because the mom and dad are preparing to go to the temple. She do閟n磘 want her daughter to be left out in her catholic school. I think this mom needs to read D牋and C 68 25. We磖e also teaching the cousin of Dafna. Angela wants to be baptized too but her dad is against it. All her siblings are members and her sister is a return missionary. They all lived with their Grandma who is a member and gave permission. We磖e praying Heavenly Father will soften the Dad磗 heart.
Well I still love you and am grateful for my beautiful family. And I磎 very grateful to be apart Christ磗 force as a missionary. D and C 84 77
Con Amor
Hermana Pugmire

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