Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #20

Dear Familia,
Happy birthday Kiera! hope its a good one.
And I hope everyone is feeling better who was sick last week. Way to go with these last few basketball games Roman! And Vasa its so great to hear about all the service you give. It helps me want to be a better mission. I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Wells today, so thanks! I have to wait to get home to read and I am excited to do so.
This week has been fairly eventful. Monday we had Hermana Vidal come stay with us. She´s my Companion`s trainer so it was a really fun reunion for them. Hna Vidal is supposed to open a new area in our Stake- Casa Blanca. She`s been with us all week because she didn`t have a room in her area or a companion. She`s supposed to move today. Its really been fun to have her. She is so fun, happy, and a really good missionary. She loves everyone, and I´ve learned alot from her.
We have a youngo girl named Dafna who's getting baptized on the 16th. Her cousins are all members and she knows alot about the church. after we comitted her we told her we needed permission from her mother to get baptized. She was a little worried about this. She had wanted to get baptized when she was much younger but her mom said no. Everyone in the ward was rather unoptimistic as well. But when we went to talk to her mom she told us she was willing to support her daughter (who is 15) 100 percent. We were very happy and very surprised., Dafna`s decision reminded me of Mariana. I felt the spirit very strongly and was to bear my testimony of eternal families and how grateful I am for the decision of my adopted siblings to be baptized so that they could be sealed to our family for eternity. and because the room was filled with all women, we all cried.
we also moved to a new house. The last one had single men living in it so we had to move. Now we actually live in our area. And we live in the house of our picionista so we don`t have to go anywhere else to it. and the family are members. Its a really great situation. The only downside is that I have to start over with trying to explain the reason I don`t eat all of the mini mountain on my plate isn`t because I don`t like it... it`s just phyically impossible.
Sunday the Bishop`s cousin came to church. We talked to her and she wants to get baptized on the 16th as well. Her grandfather died a year ago who was a father to her. She`s interested in eternal families.We`re vey excited for our lesson with her on Wednesday.
I hope everything is still going well with you and I really really really love all of you.
Hermana Pugmire

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