Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #19

I just love guys so much!!!!
Happy Birthday Annie and Helia. I hope you eat something really yummy that day that I can´t buy here, like peanut butter, in memory of me. That´s so amazing that Josh was able to get his blessing. What a great example he is of a righteous young man. I´m so greatful to have nephews and neices that are really trying to do the right thing and help those around them. Sorry to hear everyone is sick. hope yoiu all feel better soon.
So at the beginning of this last week I got bit by a big old mean dog. He went for my leg but latched onto my skirt. The worst of it is that he tore my favorite skirt, but other then that I don´t have rabies, he didn´t even cut the skin. I always carry a rock with me to scare insecure dogs but this was the first time I actually threw one. Fortunetly I have fairly bad aim, I think I would have felt bad if I actually hit him.
I have officailly finished training but I still have alot to learn. in any case its a big mile marker.
This last thrusday we had a training meeting with Elder Wadell. It was really great and I got to meet all the other north american sister in the Arequipa mission- all 3 of them. I´ve talked to them all on the phone before for nursing but I actually know thier faces now.
Well I we didn´t have a baptism this month.The threat was that we would get transferred if we didn´t have one but transfers were today and we´re still here. Last week Bishop offered us his nephew and niece (kinda like pulling a 10 dollar bill out of his pocket). The kids said they wanted to be baptized but Hermana Torrealva before felt it would be wrong to baptize them. they just weren´t ready, but we were getting alot of pressure from our zone and district leaders. In the end the mom decided she didn´t want them to be baptized. We were really relieved.
We´re also working with the bishop´s brother in- laws family as well. They were really strong at one point, the husband worked on the stake counsel but he got offended, started drinking and the family left the church. They have testimonies and say they want to return but they haven´t done it yet. we're had some really spiritual experiences with them that make it hard for us to see them continue to choose the wrong páth that is obivously making them unhappy.
I still love everyone and pray for you with all my heart. Your welcome
Hermana Pugmire
ps I think these are pictures of my zone and my area

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