Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #26

Dear Family,
How is everyone? Happy Birthday to Owen and happy anniverary to Erik and Shalae. I love thinking about you guys on your special days and thinking about what great blessing you are to me.
I have a story that is fairly short but that I am very excited to share. Friday we went to visit Pedro, a contact from last week. Pedro is in a wheel chair and only has one leg, he lost the other to diabetes. We watch Only a Stonecutter with him and the story of John Tanner. He was very impressed with the movies and told us he wanted a blessing and a miracle. he then took off the sock of the only foot he had to show us a very very distorted foot. the heel had ulceration with tunneling and a I looked closely at it I noticed something wiggling arounhd inside. Sure enough, a couple of worms dropped out and there were still more inside! It was somewhat epic for me. He came to church with us yesterday, which was great, but he wanted to leave early because he said the ward was very welcoming. Actually just about everyone greeted him. Marvin (the son of our old pincionesta) gave him a blessing of health with another member of the ward. Afterwards he said something that I thought was worth remembering. He said the affectiveness off the blessing depends on the faith of the recipenent and the reason they want the blessing. It helped me to realize that if I want a blessing in my life it needs to be because I want it to help my Heavenly Father.
Hermana Vidal´s temp had to go back to school so she´s been working with us again. I know its hard for her not to be working in her area but we love having her with us and feel blessed for the time she´s been with us.
I went to the hospital here for the first time. Hna Vidal has white bacterial growth in the back of her throat so we went to get that checked out. She´s fine and on medication. The hospital seemed pretty normal except more crowded and confused than my experiences in the States.
A few weeks ago I was talking to our area doctor who told me there´s another Hermana Pugmire serving in Aregentina as mission nurse. Go figure.
I´m been hearing about the raft trip for so long that I´m really happy to hear it went well. I love the Arizona desert, when I get back (I´m trunky, just saying) I want to visit every part of our beautiful state.
Sounds like every one is busy and doing well. Glad to here Mary and Jared made it home safe. And congrat to the Lindbloms. For me it´s really exciting to think that elder Lindblom is serving in Peru, it feels like I have family serving in the mission right next to me.
Love you all so much,
Hermana Pugmire

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