Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #23

Happy Birthday Vasa! 19 years is such a big mile stone. And so is 10 years so congratulations to Mark and Beth as well.
We got some really good news yesterday. Dafna got permission from her parents to go to the temple in Lima this week with the youth. We were praying that she would be able to and are very grateful to have those prayers answered.
Yamali (bishop´s cousin) stopped progressing. We haven¨t been able to get ahold of her for about two weeks and neither has the bishop. Its sad, but we are finding new people. We have 2 that are worth mentioning Victor Hugo and Heydi. Victor is really excited about what he´s learning but he says he´s confused because it´s all so new. We keep telling him to pray about it but he doesn´t yet. It´s the same story with Heydi. They love learning about the church but they don´t want to pray to know if its true until they´ve studied more.
we had a missoinary activity saturday and some of the members brought friends that are really interested in learning more which is excting for us. The activity was fun too. The different organizations each planned a game. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
no too many missionaries have called me about health, but most of the time it´s stomach problems: we have one little sister with severe ankle inflammation and pain. She´s seen a few doctor´s but none seem to know how to help her. Me either but I think we´ll be able to find a solution soon. We have a young girl in our ward who´s boyfriend has been coming to church with her for about half a year. We finally got a chance to talk to him yesterday night. (he´s been gone for work just about every other week). He told us he wants to get baptized. Great! we just need to set a date. He´s name is Julio.
Hermana Bertha (Adriane and Stephine´s mom) told us the other day that she loves our chapels and wants to go in and listen to our ´pastor´ but it´s always closed. We told her to come on Sundays.... but she´s not to crazy about that idea.
We´ve been reading talk but Elder Tad R Callister ¨Consecrated Missionary¨ as a mission this last week. I´ve really had a change of heart. He talks about laying everything on the ¨altar of sacrifice¨ because we need to be more then just good or even great missionaries. I need to serve because we Truly love our Savior and know that even though our sacrifice will never equal His we need to give all for HIm. I have lots of sins that I really don´t want to give up but I do love Him. And I don´t want to be just a missionary.
Love you all so much,
Hermana Pugmire

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