Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sister Pugmire #25

Happy St Patty´s day everybody
This was a pretty great week, except that our baptism fell through. Julio didn´t show up for his interview and we´ve been having a hard time finding a time to meet with him, he always cancels last minute. But I´ll talk to him wednesday and find out how we can help him.
Yestday we had 2 investigators come to church- Kathy 15 and Diana 8. Their mom promised to come too but couldn´t last minute. The girls loved church and are asking about when they can come back. The Mom- Shirly- is having problems with her spouse. He moved out and the girls are always asking about when he´ll come home. We pormised her that the gospel could help her with her marriage. She asked us how. I tried to describe how grateful I am for parents who live temple covenants and taught me to look forward to the temple. I tried to describe what a difference it makes when you know that your family is eternal. That when you get married in the temple you make a promise that will bring you and your spouse happiness for eternity. I haven´t made that promise myself but I have plenty of examples. And I know what my goal is. Many people want to have a family for eternity but they aren´t willing to live the gospel or make the covenants. We have members that are always saying one day they will go to the temple but they aren´t willing to prepare themselves to go so they´ll keep talking and continue to miss out on the blessings.
This is what´s going on with the parents of our investigator Talia. They won´t let their daughter be baptized and they keep saying they´ll get married in the temple but time is passing them by and their example is teaching their daughter the baptism and temple marrigae is unimportant.
The family we live with has had an interesting week. They found out that their dad/ grandpa died 4 years ago. So our pincionesta went on a trip to take care of the grave site. When she got their she found out he was living and well. How crazy is that. I will always keep in contact with all of you so that that doesn´t happen with me.
I had my weekly meeting with Hermana Fernandez. My 3rd one! she said that we really are going to start having them weekly because she needs to prepare me to take on a lot more work when the new mission president gets here, because his wife might not speak spanish.
thanks for the package Mom! It was a really fun surprise. I love sharing the summary and picture of Elder and Sister Zobrist with the other missionaries. and my no show sock are exactly what I needed. They don´t sell those kind here (so says my comp) and the colors are so fun! You know me too well.
Keep living the gospel, keeping covenants and remember that you are ALL in my prayers.
Hermana Pugmire

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