Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sister Pugmire #18

Dear Family,
Guess what this is my last week of training!!! I am so exciting. My companion(Hermana Torrealva) says time goes alot faster after training. I wonder what will happen after this week. I really want to stay in this area. I love our ward and the people here. Yesterday I found out that we only have this month to get a baptism or less President Fernandez is going to sack us! Which means we have a week.
I think I said it before but we´re kind of testers in this area. The wards in this zone really want to have sisters. We´re the only ones right now. If all goes well with us then they´ll send in more sisters but if we can´t make it then we get sacked and they give up the idea of having sisters in this area. Talk about pressure!
Our zone leaders came to some of our teaching appointments the other day. They invited one of the families we´re teaching to get married and baptized by the end of next month. Later the family (Los Morrons) said they felt really pressured into joining the Church. We explained that we didn´t want them to feel that way but we´re also grateful to those elders for helping this family really think about their future. The mother said she wants to go to the Temple and feel the things her sister has experienced there (who is a member).
The 2 teenagers we´ve been teaching (Stephine and Adriane) who have testimonies of the church but thier mom says they can´t get baptized til they´re 20 are doing great. We had a lesson where a recent convert (Liz) bore her testimony. The mom said (Bertha) she was almost convinced to get baptized the next day through this testimony.
Liz is amazing. When she joined the church her parents told her she would get kicked out of the house. now her whole family are members, she´s wanting for her mission call, and her mom just got called to be 2nd counselor in the relief society.
Our Pincionista´s Pit Bull just had puppies!! they are so cute. Hermana Susana (pincionista) is so sweet. She really tries hard to give us food we like. she buys things especially for us that the rest of the family isn´t allowed to eat. I try to ask for 2nds when I can because I know it makes her really happy but sometimes I just can´t eat that much food!
On of the elders in our zone brought his dear john to the computer cafe today. I only laughed inside. They all laughed too but I know that deep down this elder is really hurting. its been fun to listen to them make up replies that include quotes for batman, Lord of the Rings, Robert Frost, Les Miserable, Harry Potter, etc.
I still love everyone and pray for you all. oh and thanks Aunt Mary for the Chistmas card! I really love it.
Hermana Katy Pugmire

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