Friday, December 21, 2012

Sister Pugmire #13

Well Family hello,
Hope everyone is enjoying the week before Christmas. How long have Mark and Beth had Zoe!?? I think someone should feel disappointed in themselves that I didn`t find out until this last letter from Dad. And happy birthday to Mary and Shalea. Is Annie getting my letters? is it alright if I call the 25th at 7 pm(Peru time)? we`re allowed to skype too but I don`t know which members have the stuff for it or how to do it, so maybe for Mother's day.
to find out that everything is well at home.
This last week I had a great experience in our lesson with Hermana Flor- in which I was an active perticipant. She had told us she wasn't sure if she wanted to get baptized anymore and that she didn`t have a testimony of Joseph Smith. She told us she prayed and knew she needs to get baptized. Change is Hard! We invited her to pray with us and ask God if Joseph Smith is a prophet. So we knelt down in her little tienda and she prayed and then we waited for a REALLY long time. During which time I was praying so hard! and I felt the spirit confirm my testimony of Joseph Smith. When she got up she told us she knew that he is a Prophet of God. Saturday night we tracted into a lady who had the missionaries visit her before. She quickly began to cry and told us her mother had just died. hna Torrealva confirmed to her that she knew that God had sent us to her. She aksed us to come teach her family. So yesterday we had a lesson with them about the plan of salvation. her husband and sopn inlaw said they want to be baptised, she (hna Alvena) isn`t ready to commit. It was a really great experience but it's not happily everafter yet. I'm coming to understand the importance of the temple more and more and I am so grateful to have an eternal family.
I'm sure lots of other things have happened this week but I don't remember them! So remember that I love us miss you and am very very very grateful to wear a name tag that identifies me as a representative of Jesus Christ.
Con Amor,
Hna Pugmire

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