Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sister Pugmire #8

I am finally in the mission!!! The night we arrived President and Sister franadez were at the airport with the mission nurse!!! Sister anderson trained me for a couple of days then I recieved a new companion (Hna Torrealva) and the cellphone for the mission nurse and was sent on my way. As the mission nurse I do a lot of diagnosising. elders call me with their problems and I tell them what to do. Having the cellphone is a big responsilblity. only district leaders, zone leaders and the nurse get one. Needless to say I feel overwhelmed. right now I mostly tell leaders to call hermana fernandez because I don`t understand them. they all speak spanish!!! saturday night I got a call from an american elder who I was able to advise ( i was so nervous that I called the area doctor too). It felt so good to do something and feel useful!!! I feel like a bump on a log most of the time.
My companion is from Lima Peru, entonces, I don`t understand her. She learning english and I'm learning espoñal! Pre. Franañdez promised me I would be fluent in esponal in 6 months. I choose to believe him because it makes me feel.
tracking is really boring but I was warned of that. Last night when I was ready to call it quits a women let us in!! it was so great. She wanted to know why children suffer on the earth. I shared Alma 12 (i think, when the children and mothers are burned) straight out of Preach my gospel. But for the most part I just sat their and smiled or laughed when everyone else did.
I was so happy to here about Vasa`s amazing touchdown and that Roman made the time!! congratualtions. I love hearing about the missionary work going on at home and to be honest I wish I was there. I feel so home sick!!! I once thought that I could be something of a wanderer but now I just want to honorable complete my mission and never venture past that white vinyl fence that seperates my sancutary from the rest of the world
and I heard about the election- bumper.
Mariana, this dating situation is pretty exciting!!!!
Jill, I`m sure the customs looked great
Curtis is going to Cusco!!!!!!!! No way, that is so cool, tell him to look for my group picture at the MTC, and ask the cardons if they rememebr me (that one nurse). Crazy, crazy
well I`ve got more to say but no time.
I´m working on thinking of others more and working hard so I don`t feel home sick. I love you all so much and boy do I miss you.
con amor
Hermana Pugmire

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