Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sister Pugmire #11

Dear Family,

First of all, thanks for the pictures Erik, its true, pictures are the best. And once again, PLEASE send me a picture of Dane Larsen. Mary the story of Elsie really is sweet. Please let her know that I love the picture she sent with Mom and that I think about all my nephews and nieces and pray for everyone of you. Cheryl that`s so great that you get to be Boston with Annie, how fun.
I was thinking this week that if each of you sent me 2 letters (through the mail not email) then I would get a letter every month from ya'll!! Hows that sound? personally I like it.

I´m going to try to answer some of the questions Dad asked me. We knock on lots of doors and make lots of appointments with those people that dont actually happen because they don`t really want to talk to us or they just don`t remember us. We`re teaching about 3 real investigators right now. One of them, Flor, came to church with us yesterday (we're in a ward). She's told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is church, she feels the spirit when she comes to church, but when we ask her to be baptised she always says sorry I`m Catholic. Maybe we just need to dig deeper with her.
We have two meetings each week with our distirct and a monthly zone meeting. we also see our district when we come to use the internet. As the nurse I have a meeting with hermane Fernandez each week, I get about 2-3 calls a week from missionaries asking for advice. When I use the internet I get extra time to chart on the church Emed system. I`m allowed to use google! which no one else is allowed to do. But I try to use the church resourses first when I have a question about missionary health.
Last P day my companion and I met a family from Alabama. They too are missionaries but for the Bapist church. Their dad is a minister here. The girls told me I could come to their house for real homemade chocolate chip cookies. They`re in our area so maybe we`ll tract into them. Plus we got their address.
We`re also teaching Maria and her family. But not her husband. He`s only home on the weekends and we are not allowed to come over during that time. He's catholic and doesnt want to hear from us. Maria kinda acts like our meeting are something of a secret. I don`t really know what to do about her. She loves having us over and watching church videos. We share the same birthday, She often tells us that she's crazy and that I remind her of herself. Needless to say she's something of a favorite of mine. Tonight we're going to teach a part member family. The mother and daughter are very active (Lourdos and Wendy) but the father isn`t a member.
It is finally December so Merry Christmas!!
I think I'm really more spanish. Every one tells me the key to learning is talking but I find this very difficult when I have no idea what is going on. still I do try and I try to talk to me companion but seems like I only understand 6 of 10 words and the 4 i don`t know are the most important ones.
the family we live with is great the mom (hna. Silva) told me shes giving me a test at the end of the month on spanish words so I better get ready. I plan to!
I`m doing great and learning more and more about the gospel, love of God, spanish, and to keep my head in the mission.
But I still do miss everyone. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful family who's worth missing. lots of people here are not half so blessed in family unity and disipleship.
Hermana Pugmire

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