Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sister Pugmire #9

dear family,
First of all I would like to give a shut out to Cool Katie- your last DearElder came exactly when I needed it and said things I REALLY needed to hear so thank you.
also I`m writing a day late because I was in Lima on P day! I flew out Sunday night with other elders who needed cards to be in the country. Monday was a long day of waiting in lines but it was interesting and fun to talk to the elders from my district in the CCM and see how they are doing now. And it was so nice to speak in english! and understand other people.
I really hope Cheryl is feeling better, know that you are in my prayers. How is Aunt Terri`s arm doing? I was really glad to hear from Grandma and know that she is doing better.
Congratulations to Dane on his blessing. Somebody really ought to send me a picture of him.
And Happy Thanksgiving!! Obiviously we don`t celebrate it here don`t I`ll be singing songs of gratitude in my heart all day.
Week 2 of really being in my mission is going great. still don`t know what`s going on but I`ll trying to learn.
my companion and I live with our Penchanista. She does all the cooking for us and it all tastes great. They alot of rice and potatoes. I love it but I miss fruits and veggies. Especailly the kinds we`re not allowed to eat. I understand why so many gain wieght on mission. I feel like Hna Silva (our penichinsta) is trying to make a model of Mt Misti (a volcano here) on my plate. I'm always saying ´menos, menos, menos'.
Elders still call me all the time about their health problems who don`t speak english. Sometimes I`m able to help and sometimes i just ask them to call Hermana Fernàndez.
my ward can`t sing worth beans and I love them all for it. There is a sweet elderly lady with the sweetest, loudest, monotone voice I have ever heard who sits in the front row.
Well I probably won`t be sending out many snail mail letter because it`s become very expensive to do so here but I still think about everyone and love you all. I do miss you something fierce and love the `'home of the brave' more and more each day but I also love peru and the people here. and that helps.
Hermana Pugmire

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