Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sister Pugmire #14

Merry Christmas!
Tomorrow I`ll actually be talking to ya'll. I hope you feel a little excited to talk to me because I feel pretty darn excited.
Also I got a letter from Mom saying erik noticed the Teddybear Calendar wasn`t up. Thank you Erik, I actually thought about the calender a few times and wondered if it would be up this year.
This weekend was really special for Hna Torrealva and I. Hermana Flor was baptized and confirmed. I feel so grateful for her example. She is willing to give up her well beloved tradicions and beliefs for what she knows to be true. The first time we saw that she wasn`t wearing her necklace with the Virgin Mary we were so happy. and now she has the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. This is the Best Christmas Ever!!!!!!!
We were really happy that both her daughters were able to attend. Carol (the oldest) didn't think she could because she had to work but she showed up just in time. We hope she felt the spirit too. Carol already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon but lives in a convent and doesn't want to give up the virgin Mary. We think Makenzy (the youngest) will want to be baptised soon too. She attended all three hours of church yesterday and loves the young womens program. I wish I could show you a picture but I don`t have a way to hook up my camera to the computer. oh well.
We had a christmas talent show Saturday and 4 little girls (the oldest was 12) that we tracted into showed up. they sang with the primary and brought themselves to church yesterday. I wish you could meet this sweet daughters of our Heavenly Father. They have such righteous desires. No one is forcing them to sit through church the just want to. They feel the spirit. They are so meek and loving. What great examples to me. I wish I could just mother them.
we have another investigator named Jose Luis. He has a drinking problem. we've been calling every day to remind him to read the Book of Mormon and help him be strong. Last night we called him as his friends were inviting him to go drinking with them, and do other rotten stuff. we called just in the nick of time. I really feel like my companion was inspired. But we were given the impression that he didn't choose to follow Chirst in this moment. It was a very sad night for us. I often feel the grand plans Heavenly Father has for Jose Luis and it hurts very much to see him choose a lower path that only hurts him and his family. it is so important to never start addictions, to never deviate for the Path of enternal life.
I dont have more to say that I can't say tomorrow so love you and talk to you VERY soon.
con Amor,
Hermana Pugmire
ps Cool Katie I don`t get DearElders anymore and I lost your address so I don`t know how we'll communicate in the future but hopefully I'll find your address when I move

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