Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sister Pugmire #10

Dear Family,
I`m happy to hear you had a good Thanksgiving. I thought about you all Thursday and Friday. I never use my mission money to buy snacks because I know that they are sacred. I have two exceptions- when I bought peanut butter at the metro - the sales people had no idea what I was talking about and led me to refridgerated section where butter is- and on thanksgiving. I bought a little treat for my companion and I. turns out that was very unnecessary. We taught a women in her store and after the lesson gave us candy and a soda because she felt the spirit so strongly. then we had a meeting with the mission leader for our stake. he took us to a bakery and bought us both a mini pie. I was so sick of sweets that day! I think that my sugar tolerance has lowered.
I had my first meeting with the Hermana Fernandez this last Friday. We have a meeting every week to discuss the needs and health of the missionaries. She asked me to make a few notes in the computer file for one of the elders having a operation this week. For the most part my job as the nurse is to give medical advise to missioaries when they call with a problem, talk to the area doctor when we need to and help with health classes for the missionaries - like during orientation. I live with our pinchanesta who does our cooking and part of our laundry. we hand wash our garments ourselves and hang them on the line to dry. which means that they smell like smoke. our pinchanesta uses a washing machine which she feels up with a hose.
every day we get up exercise and study and head out to prosylt. we knock on a lot of doors. we have a few families to teach but aren't making alot of progress. I'll abmit we're not the most sucessful in our zone but we do work hard and I do love the people we teach. We teach an elderly gentlemen every Saturday who knows the Book of Mormon is true but doesn[t want to be baptized. lots of times people of a problem with us not worshopping the Virgin Mary. and everyone is Catholic.
I still don't know what[s going on but I'm trying to learn the language. Sunday night we tracted into a young man who learned english by watching movies. I got to be the primary speaker! He didn'[t believe God could be perfect because he knowingly created the devil. I think he was more interested in practicing English than learning the gospel but I was still happy to be actively involved in the lession.
I still love everyone and America. The people of Peru are wonderful people. Someday I hope to understand their jokes. The family we live with is always laughing about somthing I don't understand.
Congrates to Vasa on your football game, and I wish I could have heard Romans talk in church. I'm sur it was very helpful.
Con Amor,
Hermana Pugmire

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