Friday, December 21, 2012

Sister Pugmire #12

Is it already Monday again? it feels likes Sunday was just yesterday. Time is really flying.
I love you guys so much!!!!!! and every one else that reads this email through me blog... ps thanks again Mary
first of all I want to mention a crazy run in I had at the Metro last p day. we saw someone who looked every north american and mormon. When I smiled at her she said "hello sisters" Turns out Sister Palmer is from Mesa Arizona and I think she was in the Brady's ward. In any case they`ve stayed at the Brady's house in Midway a few times and knows them pretty well. Her husband is the first counselor in our stake. She invited us over for Christmas. She's not in our area so we have to get permission from President Fernandez and hna Torrealva doesn't seem very confident that he`ll say yes.
Our zone leaders said it really depends on his mood and they'll ask him at the Christmas devotional we'll have tomorrow. In which devotional I got volunteered to be Mary. I don`t remember being Mary as a little kid in our family nativities so I`m pretty excited. I only have too lines but I have a fear that I'm going to re inact Charlie Browns Christmas and say "Hockey sticks" instead of "hark"
PS I forgot to say it before, but I feel pretty special that I finally made it on the roof, what an honor. I need to learn how to communicate how special this is to my companion.
I also forgot to say last time what our area covers- Arequipa, Moquegau, and Tacna. The last nurse told me that I'll probably end up staying in Arequipa my whole mission because I`m the nurse. she said President usaully sends you somewhere else for your last transfer because he feels bad for you. But the Fernandezs terminate their mission this spring so I'll just have to wait and see what happens.
we had one investigator have a baptismal interview last week - hna Flor. She might be getting baptized this week but she has to have another interview this week. She is such a sweet women . I just want her to have the gift of the holy ghost so bad!
I gave a very carefully prepared talk in church yesterday which was supposed to last 5 minutes. It may have past the 2 minute mark.
Thanks for the pictures Cheryl!!! I saw that you and dad emailed last time but my time was up so I had to wait til this week to see them. Killer
Grandma told me about Jamie and I am keeping my fingers crossed for Arequipa.
Have I mentioned Paneton yet? Its like Peruvian fruit cake except everyone likes it. (disclaimer: I love MOM`s fruitcake) At first I avoided it but its everywhere and so I decided to like it.
well Love yall and I love finding out what's going on at home.
con amor,
Hermana Pugmire

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