Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sister Pugmire #15

Happy New Years!!!!
And Happy the very last day of Arizona's centinal- its been a great 100 years.
It crazy to think that just last week I was really hearing your voices, one minute I was in the house the next I was back in Arequipa. I am so excited for Mary and Jared's first boy! we found out that our penchanista is prego too so I think about the new (Dane) and soon to be coming (¿name?) members of our family a lot.
I'm happy to hear you got my letter with all the pictures. I thought the best gift I could give would be one focused all on ME. your welcome. my companion has an adapter for computers and the memory card of my camera so maybe next week I can send a picture of Flor's baptism.
Flor has been having a hard week and cutting herself. This is a reaction that I have a hard time understanding, especially when she just recieved the Holy Ghost. I know that the Holy Ghost comforts us in sorrow and bouys us up becuase I have experienced it. I really want to help hermama Flor learn to rely on the Holy Ghost. I think she still relies very heavily on us missionaries, which is no good! I sometimes wonder what will happen with her and her little family when we are gone. I'm really learning that baptism is not enough. if you baptize 100 who cares if they don`t endure to the end?
This week has been really good for Jose Luis except yesterday. Sundays seem to be really hard for him to resist alcohol. But we`ll keep praying and believing in him.
The little girls who gave me shoes that are too small for me for Christmas were really excited for me to wear them. My poor feets! but I think the blisters are worth their smiles. They came to church again but without the parents. we finally met the mom who said she would come to church but.... I think this next week she really will.
I hope everyone makes great goals this year and enjoys the cinnamon rolls (assuming Mom makes them again this year). I know I plan to make this next really great.
Love you and talk to you in May (in spanish because I'll be fluent by then!!)
Hermana Katy Clara Pugmire

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