Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sister Pugmire #16

Dear Family,
First of all happy birthday to Jill, Brent (promise I remembered last monday I just forgot to email it), Bryson, and Josh. And happy anniversary to Julia and Dee. This may be obvious, but mom I got the family calendar this week, thanks!!
I think I am sending you a picture of Hermana Flores Baptism and of my new area.
Yes, that's correct. My trainer and I were transferred. At our distirt meeting on tuesday the secertaries took us aside and told us to go home and pack because president Fernandez wanted us to open a new area. so we packed as fast as week could and found ourselves in Neuva Alborada by the end of the day. Transfers aren´t due for another 3 weeks!! Neither one of us were prepared and naturally we felt pretty glum about it. Starting over again is a little hard, and we really learned to love the people in our area. I wish we could have said good bye!
But our new area is really great. The stake has a goal of a thousand baptismes this year and the ward is really working hard to do their missionary work. And they really consider missionary work as their job, and us merely as their helpers }. Its really great and I found it very easy to learn to love the people here. I really want to be a good missionary. Every ward in this stake is asking for sister missionaries and our ward is excited to have us. How can I not love them? This stake hasn´t had sisters in a long time so we're on a trial run. We really want to other sisters to be able to come in so we're trying hard to be obedient and safe.
last night we got a text message (perk of being mission nurse) from Flor saying her daught makenzie got baptized yesterday. When the elders asked her friday and saturday she said no, but Sunday she said yes so they hurried and got her baptized. Of course we love flor and makenzie so much and wish that we could have been there and a part of it but maybe Heavenly Father knew the Elders would be better fit to help her.
Our new area is a hill. We live at the very top but our area is at the bottom. great heart exercise. I feel like we can see all of Arequipa. its pretty neat.
I found out one of the elders in my zone is from Snowflake- elder bennet. He said that if you find a big arrowhead it can be worth about 900 bucks, wow! he said my little ones are worth about 30.
I love you all and keep you in my prayers,
con amor,
hermana Pugmire

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