Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sister Pugmire #17

Dear Family,
Congratulations Bryson, I am so happy to know that the church is blessed with you as a member.
and happy birthday Mom, of course I am always so grateful for you.
And Cool Katie I got your dearelder. I didn磘 think I could any more. but it turns out they still get sent to me. I therefor recommend my family to discover the website for dearelder.
The area is doing great. we get a lot of support from the ward who are really involved. The bishop is awesome and really wants to help us. We had interviews with president fernandez this week and the office told us that this area baptizes a lot. We haven磘 really found anyone yet but I磎 sure that we will.
To answer your questions mom, there are next to no trees here and lots and lots of building, stray dogs and drunks.
I had kinda of a funny run in the other day. A mother wanted me to talk to her daughter because she was learning english. while we were talking their drunk uncle came into the scene and proceded to pledge his undying love to me and really wanted to kiss my hand. I don磘 like to touch drunks, they don磘 have any self control so you don磘 know whats on their hands. I tried to explain that its a rule not to do the hand kissing thing. he didn创t really get it and proceded to get down on his knees and make a general scene. it was rather interesting but i磀 rather it didn磘 happen again.
in other news the neice and her sister read the book of mormon and have testimonies of the church but their mom says she磗 not giving them permission to join any church until they磖e 20. Their aunt was a nun when she converted to the church. So we磍l just keep working with them.
our pincionesta wants us to like her food so much! I really love that women. But I don磘 always like the food. Oh well, who cares its food! two of her sons served missions and her last leaves for his mission in march but she isn磘 a member. and she goes to church every week. She磗 not actually in our area so we don磘 teach her but we sure love to talk to her.
I love hearing from every one and I can磘 tell you how happy it makes me feel that everyone is well healthy and choosing to follow Christ.

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