Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sister Pugmire #5

first of all I miss you all very much, but I´m very happy to do so. My companion doesn´t have a ny home sickness and I think I feel worse for her.
P.s. my companion is wonderful. we get along very well. She´s very easy going and easy to laugh hut she is also very dedicated and wants to be obedient. She has such a strong testimony. Hermana Ali is a blessing to me.
Last Saturday I went prosylting for the first time. we went to a town called Chosika. I was paired with Hermana Cruz because my companion and I don´t speak english. It was such a wonderful experience. I didn´t talk very much but I felt the spirit very strongly. I don´t think I´ve ever had such a strong desire to share the gospel because I care so much for people I´ve never met. we went to a restruarant where they served us salad. which I KNEW we weren´t supposed to eat beucase it´s impossible to completely clean the lettuce. I warned everyone and then I ate the lettuce becuase I didn´t want to waste food. Never again.
I then drink a coke for the very first time in my life because I´d heard mission president´s wives tell me that it kills the bacteria and very thing alse in your system. Thats why you shouldn´t drink that kind of stuff.
Oh, and I hated every minute of it. I never want to drink anything like it again.
many of the elders who ate the lettuce have been throwing up and couldn´t go on the tour of Peru today. One elder even had to go to the hosiptal.
Again, I will never eat something I know it bad for me out of couresty. The church says don´t do it so I´m not going to do it.
The Lima tour was amazng. we went to a beautiful Monestry that was built in the 1600s. I was so amazed. i wish I could show you picutres but there´s no way to do that on these computers and we werent allowed to take pictures inside anyways. We went to the catacombes underneath as well and that was pretty awesmoe. then we went and bought soccor jerseys (well the elders did) and after that we saw the state building and where the arch bishop lives.
The Hermanas latina left yesterday so my companion and I are the only sister missionaries here. we miss the hermanas but thats life I guess.
I lost my toothbrush last week and have been using a paper towel to brush my teeth. Today Hermana Cardon (the Mission Presidents wife) informed me that she had toothbrushes I could take. So I did.
CONGRATLATIONS LARSENS!!!!!!!!!! I can´t wait to share this with my district.
I got the Browns and Lehua´s letter and the birthday card from mom and dad and co. I was very happy to get both. I love gettinh Mom´s letters each week.
I got my early ballot as well. My branch president came over the nect day and i was able to give it to home to send back with some of his friends who leave in the states. I feel very blessed to be able to vote on my mission.
I hope that I get more time in the field to write. I´m out now, please forgive the horrible grammer and confused thoughts. I so much more to say!!! oh well. If I forget I have an eternity to recall it.
Hermana Pugmire
P.S. I placed my first books of Mormon on saturday

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