Monday, October 8, 2012

Sister Pugmire #4

Dear Family,
I has been so long since I have emailed you! Atleast that´s the way I feel. Usaully we email on Wednesdays but the internet in Lima has been down for the past 2 days.
I would like to begin by saying that I haven´t read any of the emails sent to me because I´m on a timer and I want to tell you everything I can before I read your mail.
I would like to also tell that I got Mom´s letter on my birthday and it was the best birthday gift I have ever received!!!!
To begin:
My first couple of days here I was with to Latina companions- Hermanas Cruz and Castro. I loved following them around everywhere although I didn´t know what was going on. Orietation was a alittle tought to follow but i basically understood it.
We had our first branch meeting the first night. As I sat dummily pretending to understand my name was called as someone recieving a calling. I stood up and accpeted it but I didn´t have a clue what that calling was. I found out when they me the black binder that I was the cooridating sister (one of two) for a bunch of Latina Hermanas that I don´t understand.
A few nights ago the cooridating sister came into my room and explained that some of the hermanas were having a hard time getting along so we were going to have meeting. My first thoughts were that I was going to get any sleep that night. When we had the meeting I realized that it was a companship having troubles and I immediately remember that we weren´t supposed to try to advise them but just notify the branch president. So I sat there for a while listening to them pour out their feeling foreignly and said ¿oracion? as soon as I found a pause- aka I tried to end it as soon as possible. Pero, I still lost a good 30 mintues of sleep. I don´t think latinas need sleep, or atleast they don´t seem to think that they do.
Yesterday they surprised me with a cake at breakfast and sang happy birthday. They made me a really sweet card and a few of them shared peices of their candy with me for my birthday. It was very sweet of them.
Two days after I got here my companion Hermana Ali came. We knew eachother in the Prove MTC but she didn´t come to Peru with the rest of the group because she didn´t have her Visa yet. She´s alot of fun and I think we work pretty well together. We both love being around the other sisters and are pretty bummed that we can´t sit with them anymore at lunch because we need to sit with our own district. to build unity. On wednesday we went to the Lima Temple and the super market it was so beautiful and wonderful. I really appreciate all the chivlary here. They gave us their tray and tell us to go to the front of the line at lunch, give up seats on the bus for us, and do so many other things that make me want to act like a lady.
FYI- Mom please don't send me any packages in the MTC it´s super expensive and if you want to send a little then use the pouch mail, you can use USA stamps. the address is:
Lima Perú MTC
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130
I wish I had time to write more about how interesting it is here and how much I love it but I´ve only got 5 minutes and I really want to read your mails Por Lo tanto- good bye.
I love so much,
Hermana Katy

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