Friday, November 2, 2012

Sister Pugmire #6

dear family,
in the last letter from Mom and email from dad they asked if I was getting any of their emails and letters. I found this very puzzling because I thought that I had been thanking everyone for all this in my emails. I´m starting to think that you don´t get my emails! i hope you do because this half hour of writng to you and reading emails is very stressful for me and i would hate to think that my high blood pressure is all for naught.
speaking of which grandma Lorriane is in my prayers. I hope you recover completely quickly.
Congratulations againg to grandpa Pug and Martha. Its crazy to think that there is so much going on at home.
Once again- Mom I get all your letters and I am so grateful for them. I got the birthday card you sent. I also got the letter from Annie with all the pictures of the kids. I love getting pictures, especially of my nephews and neices.
So think week we got a new group of Latinos. This is the group that i´ll be leaving the ccm (mtc) with! entonces, I´ll be leaving the ccm in about 2 weeks!! and I still don´t know spanish. but thats fine
the weekend of general confrenece we had the AMA come and give us medical advice, after the meeting i told him that I´m soppused to be the nurse for my mission. he told me a little about what I´ll be doing and said that I´ll pretty much be the doctor for my area. he said he wishes every mission had a nurse so it sounds like I´ll be able to help a little in mission by using my nursing degree.
My companion started a new game here, that doesn´t have a name. her old district used to play it. here´s how it works:
if you make eye contact with some one you try to be the first person to get your hand to your mouth and make a swooshing noise like you´re shooting a dart. if you get the other person first they have to freeze until someone says ´¨antidote¨¨. its very popular here and kinda frightening because you don´t know who´s playing so your afraid to make eye contact with anyone. I like it
we´re supposed to get 2 new northamerican hermanas tomorrow. I´m kinda bumped to not be one of the only 2 northamerican hermanas, but excited to have them come too. I hope none of them are taller then me because right now I´m the tallest female here. I haven´t seen any females in peru that are taller then me.
Our instructors here are so amazing and so patient with us. did I mention that we are now in the ´´advanced´´ class? yea, that´s crazy because I still feel like I don´t know anything, and am losing knowldge that I thought I had by the minute.
Today I found peanut butter in the store. It was pretty exciting but I didn´t buy any because we´re not supposed to bring food back to the ccm. everyone does anyways but its a rule and I need those blesing. its just good to know in the future I can buy peanut butter.
one Sunday we watched a talk by elder Hollland. It was so great!! I wish you could find it on the church website. it was about how if you come home and go bakc to the person you were before the mission you wasted 2 years. it was so great and I definetly don´t want to come home not changed for the better.
this week we´re going prosylting in Campoy. Our teacher served his mission there and told us some pretty crazy good stories so I´m exctied.
I love you all and miss you very much. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR LETTERS AND PRAYERS!!! I didn´t realize until now how wonderful they are.
Hermana Pugmire

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