Friday, September 28, 2012

Sister Pugmire #3

Mi familia,
I still havent read any of your emails because I havent been given the ok to spend time reading them. I have been give a little time to write a quick note to let you know Im here and safe. I will give you a quick overview of my trip:
On the ride from Salt lake to Atalana I sat next to an older gentlemen who was once a part of the church but was offended and he left. He actually left alot of Churchs that he was offended by. I gave him a pass along card but didnt talk to him about the church very much because every time he brought the subject up (which he frequently did) he would change the subject as I was speaking. He told me so many things about his life. He told me that he doesnt make friends very easily and that he normally doesnt speak to people on the plane but he opened up to me because I reminded him of a young women he was once engaged to who died! That was very interesting but im glad he felt comfortable around me.
Last night I slept in a room all by myself for the first time since the begining of my mission. Hermana Ali was supposed to fly out with us and be my companion but she didnt get her visa. So toady Ive been assigned to 2 Hermanas from South America and they are very sweet and helpful. I hope I get to spend alot of time with them so that I will be forced to learn faster!
As far as I can tell Peru is beautiful and I feel very blessed to be here.
I got the girls letters, Mary, and I was very proud of them. I showed them off to my companions and anyone else I could. Ill write them back as soon as I can but the mail is pretty slow here.
Love you all so much
Hereman Pugmire

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