Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sister Pugmire 1st edition

Well family it's been week and I caught Tb here at the MTC. I'll probably die in a couple weeks. CHISTE!!!! AKA: Chiste is Esponal for 'just kidding', although I don't know the actual spelling of that. I'm finding out that I know very little about the gospel and Spanish. I want to be better than I am and progress fast then I am. I feel like I'm in one of those dreams were a monster is chasing me and I'm running in slow motion with lead shoes.
I have two companeras. There were 4 Hermanas in our district but Hermana Dopp got bumped up to intermediate Spanish so her companion (Hermana Shelton) became companions with myself and Hermana DeMille.
I got to see Aunt Lynnie during lunch a couple times before she left. She got my lunch schedule and came and found me. It was so wonderful to see her!!! My BYUI roommate and beloved friend Amanda Hill also found me. Apparently one of the Elders in her district knows how to hack into the computer system and found me for her. I am so loved.
I saw Elder Allred from the Stake and Elder Rigby came in today.
Lets see, my Bosom friend Katie picked me up from the airport and we went to Temple Square and lunch before I went into the mission. It was very peaceful and a great breather before I jumped into the compound. Hermana Shelton is going to D.C. South - aka the Riggs mission. I tried to tell her fantastic stories about them but I don't know any that she hasn't already heard. Everyone wants to tell her about how President Riggs likes to stick his finger in your food. Hermana DeMille is going to the Mesa Temple mission. If you see a very little person with very long dark, almost black, hair give her a big smile.
So I'm getting highly distracted because I'm trying to write in the laundry room; therefore I can't think of anything else to say even though I know more has happened.
P.S. write me a letter. My companion gets one every day so you should follow that excellent example. Well I don't need one every day.
I love ya'll very much and want know what's going on with you.
Herman Pugmire
oh and I attached a picture of me and katie and me and Elder Allred

This is not katy typing...but her wonderful sister, I can't figure out how to attach the pictures to her post...but i will figure it out and do it soon!

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